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Doosan Robotics and Air-Oil Systems team up for strategic regional distribution partnership

Doosan Robotics, one of the world’s leading service robot and collaborative robot manufacturers,has teamed up with automation solutions specialist Air-Oil Systems for a strategic distribution partnership across Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, all in the United States.

Doosan Robotics’ full lineup of both collaborative and service robots – including their A, H, and M-Series – can now be distributed by Air-Oil to customers across each respective region.

Over recent years, Doosan Robotics has become the largest cobot manufacturer in the industry, as well as among the top five robotics manufacturers in the world and the top manufacturer in South Korea.

Doosan’s new collaboration with Air-Oil Systems significantly impacts the company’s customer reach and distribution potential within the U.S. market for its full lineup of robots.

This follows significant regional milestones recently achieved by Doosan Robotics, including the announcement of its American expansion and opening of its Plano, Texas headquarters during this year’s Automate Show.

Alex Lee, general manager at Doosan Robotics Americas, says: “Air-Oil has evolved over their long history as a distributor. As they continue to grow and expand their expertise in automation and robotics we are thrilled that Doosan Robotics will play a key role. I look forward to our partnership and future success together.”

Dennis Plasha, president at Air-Oil Systems Inc, says: “We feel that Doosan Robotics is going to revolutionize the collaborative robot marketplace with its feature rich safety attributes, simplified programming, and quick deliveries all at an incredible price point for a quick ROI.

“We are excited and honored to be a Channel Partner for Doosan Robotics in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.”

Doosan says its A-Series models are “the industry’s fastest cobots with unparalleled ROI for customers, performing with an average work speed of 10 percent over competitors’ products and available at an affordable price”.

The H-Series lineup boasts the highest payload for a range of collaborative robot applications, including capacities of 20 kg and 25 kg with reach of 1700 mm and 1500 mm respectively.

The popular M-Series brings versatile capabilities and intuitive, easy application through cobot models with industry-leading safety and human-level dexterity in automation.

Air-Oil Systems’ manufacturing and industry expertise dates back nearly 60 years. The company has become a leading distributor and solutions resource within automation technology and robotics (among other industries), backed by a committed sales and support staff of experts focused on helping customers become more productive and profitable through innovative solutions.

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