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3 Smart IT Solutions for Dealing With Parking Management Problems

Parking management has become a global issue. Governments and organizations are looking for the best ways to solve parking problems. This has created a large industry dedicated to solving the problem of parking.

Little wonder the global parking management market is expected to grow from $3.12 billion in 2021 to $3.34 billion in 2022.

Parking managers have been trying hardware solutions to address this issue, but the world is evolving, and more innovative remedies are popping up daily.

Several information technology innovations are now available to tackle parking problems. In this article, you will learn the common parking issues and their clever IT fixes.

Employee parking policy: Why you need it

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Though not an IT solution, having a parking policy for your employees is one of the first steps to fixing parking issues in your company. When there is a policy, parking problems will be well managed.

On the flip side, without an effective employee parking policy, the whole parking process would be disorganized and people would do as they like. A look at the different employee parking policy examples will let you know what options you have and help you make an informed decision.

3 parking management problems and smart IT solutions for handling them

1. Security issues

The issue of security is one of the most troubling parking problems affecting businesses. Parking managers are constantly finding ways of ensuring maximum security for the company and its occupants. This task is difficult, especially for companies with many staff and visitors.

Controlling access becomes very tough and, in some cases, impossible. This is a big headache for companies because if the wrong person gains access to the company premises, it could spell doom for the company and its occupants.

The solution: license plate recognition cameras

Many organizations use badges for their employees and guests to solve the access control problem. This has, however, not proven to be very effective, as badges can be lost or exchanged. A smart IT solution to this problem is license plate recognition cameras. These cameras are surveillance units designed to recognize, capture and log license plates.

Regardless of the weather, these cameras can capture license plate scans accurately. License plate recognition cameras are also easy to use; you don’t need anyone to monitor them manually. This is a welcome solution to security issues occurring due to a lack of or limited access control.

2. Monotonous and stressful archaic record-keeping methods

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Writing tickets and logging them into books manually are very cumbersome and time-wasting old methods. You need a lot of human resources to perform these tasks if you have many staff and visitors.

This method is slow, monotonous and tiring. It also makes finding information among a vast volume of handwritten documents challenging. This could be costly in a life-threatening situation.

The solution: Parking management system

A parking management system comes to the rescue here. This IT tool automates your parking processes and optimizes your parking space. With it, you get real-time parking information and all this data is stored in the cloud. In addition, this software lets you manage your users’ profiles and generally improves your car park’s occupancy rate.

3. Time wasting

This is perhaps one of the most irritating parking issues, especially for users. Having to wait in line for minutes to enter a company’s premises can be frustrating for both staff and guests.

The cause of this is the manual method of the parking process available in many companies. The time that should be spent on more productive ventures is wasted trying to get a parking slot.

The solution: RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a type of wireless communication that uses electromagnetic coupling in the radio frequency to identify a person or object. An RFID reader is put at the entry and exit of a company’s car park to save time in the packing process.

A tag is then given to every user to give them access to the car park. RFID readers can pick these tags from a distance and give access. This saves a whole lot of time for both users and parking staff.

IoT or internet of things is also a solution to time-wasting in car parking management. It is a centralized system that lets drivers search for and reserve a parking spot using an app on their smartphones. This lets the drivers plan accordingly and saves time that could have been wasted queuing.

A parking management system is the total package

A good parking management system solves almost all parking problems encountered by companies. This software is a wholesome solution. It has robust features like an automated access control system, RFID, parking guidance system, security analysis, automated ticketing system, statistical reporting software and video surveillance system, among others.

To solve your parking problems, explore the options available in a parking management system. There are many brands you can choose from. However, do proper research on the one that best suits your business and budget and go for it.

About the author: Moyofade Ipadeola is a Content Strategist, UX Writer and Editor. Witty, she loves personal development and helping people grow. Mo, as she’s fondly called, is fascinated by all things tech.

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