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T.I.E. Industrial purchases and Robotworx brands

T.I.E. Industrial, an aftermarket supplier of CNC parts, refurbished industrial robots and general automation repair, has acquired and the RobotWorx name.

The asset acquisition expands the T.I.E. brand family, leveraging decades of experience in robotic equipment sales, repair and service to position as an end-to-end partner in manufacturing automation.

T.I.E. Industrial did not buy the company but the remaining assets of the website and the RobotWorx name. is one of the world’s most popular resources to research and source automation solutions from multiple manufacturers.

T.I.E.’s tradition of excellence in robot refurbishment and customizing hardware and software makes integration faster, easier and more cost effective for smaller manufacturers looking to automate.

Tony Wisniewski, CEO at T.I.E., says: “This acquisition comes at a critical time as the market for robotics is experiencing 25 percent and higher growth per year in certain industries.

“Our company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of that growth with a proven, repeatable solution to help ease supply chain delays and labor shortages.”

Automation increases productivity and worker safety for manufacturers of all sizes. According to Zion Market Research, the global industrial robotics market is estimated to grow to $81.4 billion by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 11.8 percent.

Customers will need resources like to explore robotic equipment and T.I.E. Industrial is ready to assist users in adopting or expanding automation in their factories.

T.I.E. directly contributes to the circular economy by reusing, recycling and refurbishing robotic equipment and parts providing a cost advantage to users.

T.I.E. says it is the world’s largest supplier of refurbished Fanuc Robot and CNC parts at

The company’s Integration Ready approach to refurbished robot sales helps lower cost of ownership while deploying faster automation and seamless installation.

T.I.E.’s tradition of excellence spans 35 years expertly diagnosing and repairing CNC and general automation parts from Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, ABB and more than 200 top manufacturers.

Norbert Christ, NCT president, says: “T.I.E. is our main supplier for refurbished and new robotics equipment. We have partnered with them for three years and depend on their responsiveness, technical support and on time delivery to remain competitive.

“With current very long lead times at most robotics companies, T.I.E. Master Robotics has most of what we need in stock or can deliver it within pre-Covid lead times.”

T.I.E. acquired MASTER Robotics in 2018 and The Parker Group of Companies in 2016 expanding its capabilities among the largest OEMs in the industry.

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