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Rockwell Automation launches FactoryTalk Design Hub

Rockwell Automation, which claims to be the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, has launched FactoryTalk Design Hub.

FactoryTalk Design Hub is intened to enable industrial organizations to transform their automation design capabilities with a more simplified, productive way to work powered by the cloud.

Teams of all sizes, skillsets, and locations can work smarter through enhanced collaboration, improved lifecycle management, and on-demand access to cloud-based software. The result is increased design productivity, faster time to market, and systems that cost less to build and maintain.

Brian Shepherd, senior vice president, software and control at Rockwell, says: “In this new age of ‘work from anywhere’, having centralized, on-demand design tools is critical for businesses to scale production and easily adapt to evolving customer needs.

“FactoryTalk Design Hub gives manufacturing engineers access to the full breadth of Rockwell Automation tools and capabilities in a centralized nexus for successful design and collaboration across their team and the greater enterprise.”

FactoryTalk Design Hub improves development and deployment of automation projects for industrial organizations, while adhering to the latest security standards and information technology (IT) best practices.

It enables teams to access designs on demand from any web browser with software that is always up to date and flexibly scales users and compute capacity to meet project workload demands.

Craig Resnick, vice president, ARC Advisory Group, says: “The digital transformation of automation design capabilities requires both the cloud to maximize control system developers’ productivity, and it also requires that all software tools are connected to each other by a digital thread to maximize collaboration, scalability, and productivity.

“Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Design Hub enables seamless digital thread connectivity between its design, visualization, digital twin, storage, and remote access software tools that provide control system developers with immediate on-demand access to all automation designs as needed regardless of their location, helping these companies to accelerate their initiatives ranging from digital transformation to IT/OT convergence.”

Companies are looking for better ways to solve their most pressing problems. Traditional software design approaches limit collaboration, scalability, and productivity. FactoryTalk Design Hub addresses these three primary concerns for all automation workflow design needs.

Doug Hoffer, senior automation engineer at Samuel Engineering, says: “I’m really excited that Rockwell Automation is putting the resources behind this type of development on behalf of control system developers everywhere.

“This could become a really significant way to tie cloud functionality and analytics to the control system development process.”

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