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Attabotics introduces new robot to ‘increase warehouse efficiency’

Attabotics, which describes itself as “the world’s first 3D robotics supply chain system for modern commerce”, has unveiled its Attabot 2022, the first commercialized version of its proprietary robot.

Built stronger and smarter than its predecessor, the Attabot 2022 boasts a simplified mechatronic design that reduces operational costs while increasing the efficiency of automated picking and packing of goods.

Beginning customer operations in August 2022, the Attabot 2022 is equipped with a flexible payload to accommodate larger bins up to 16” tall at 100 lb – an increase of 25 percent from Attabotics’ previous robot release.

Its ultra-lean, modular design translates into 60 percent fewer parts than the previous beta model and allows for further flexibility and forward compatibility.

Additional features include increased acceleration due to high torque motors, enhanced telemetrics for route optimization, improved navigation sensors, and the ability to operate in multiple temperature zones with an unlimited number of robot, structure, and workstation configurations.

The Attabot 2022 has also been adapted for e-grocery as the structure encloses and protects items from outside contaminants.

Scott Gravelle, CEO and founder of Attabotics, says: “Despite supply chain constraints and chip shortages, we’ve been agile in ensuring all components are accounted for while transitioning our customers from robot prototypes to the new commercialized Attabot 2022 technology.

“The ability to commercialize technology – to move a product from concept to market efficiently – is crucial in light of today’s high-demand e-commerce landscape. It’s been a long journey to develop commercial hardware, but I’m proud of the Attabotics team.”

Attabotics’ scalable micro-fulfillment system condenses traditional warehouse aisles into a single, vertical storage structure.

Inside the structure, robotic shuttles move in three-dimensional space to store and deliver goods to workers on the perimeter that pick, pack and ship modern commerce orders.

This reduces a company’s warehouse space by 85 percent (in addition to a reduction in carbon emissions via last-mile delivery) and accelerates shipping processes to meet consumer expectations.

Reinforcing an eco-friendly ethos, Attabotics’ unique architecture maximizes the flexibility and speed of warehouse fulfillment and optimizes space, allowing additional storage capacity and throughput to support growth without the need for expansion.

Attabotics is continuously refining and evolving its hardware and software technologies to meet growing market needs across industries. With its enhanced software and hardware, the Attabot 2022 is a platform that drives value over time by evolving alongside advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

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