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US Alliance of Robotics Clusters showcases at IMTS for first time

This year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show marked the first time that three of the largest robotics clusters from around the nation exhibited together as part of the United States Alliance of Robotics Clusters, (USARC).

The shared goal of all three clusters is to amplify the solutions that the emerging industries of robotics, automation and AI are providing to the US, with critical industries facing labor shortages, aging infrastructure and supply chain problems.

“We want to help US SMEs reshore manufacturing, while showcasing our world leading technology innovations,” says a statement from USARC.

During the six-day conference, robotics cluster organizations Silicon Valley Robotics, MassRobotics, and SATX Robotix, will showcase their respective cities globally recognized startups whose robotics and similar technologies are revolutionizing the automation, manufacturing, logistics and an array of other industries within the US.

Many of the technologies being showcased are solving global challenges and have gained international recognition.

Featured startups and related organizations:

The special USARC booth at IMTS 2022 was made possible thanks to AMT who recognizes and supports the advancement of robotics, AI and other applied technologies for the automation and manufacturing industries.

The USARC supports the development, commercialization and scaling of robotics for global good, working together as robotics cluster organizations, with our stakeholders and startups.

The USARC was founded by Silicon Valley Robotics, MassRobotics and Pittsburgh Robotics to enhance collaboration, communication and advocacy of US robotics clusters in an effort to strengthen global competitiveness.

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