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Addverb and ABCO partner to offer ‘advanced’ warehouse automation solutions

Addverb, an autonomous mobile robots maker, has agreed a strategic partnership with ABCO Systems, a distribution solutions provider that specializes in streamlining warehousing operations.

This strategic alliance combines Addverb’s automation technology with ABCO’s storage and material handling equipment systems to offer solutions for warehouse and fulfillment operations in consumer goods industries, including e-commerce, grocery, fashion, and lifestyle.

Addverb will supply its advanced robotics technology to ABCO Systems’ clients with a focus on optimizing customers’ warehousing needs.

The range and flexibility of Addverb product solutions will enable ABCO Systems’ customers to select the best structure for their specific needs, whether for a fully-automated operation or a system that will work in concert with existing manual processes.

The expanded service for new and returning ABCO Systems customers will feature Addverb’s robots, including Quadron, Veloce, and Dynamo.

Sriram Sridhar, chief revenue officer, Americas at Addverb, says: “Addverb has been leading the way in providing a solid suite of robotics and software to augment the supply chain technology space.

“We are thrilled to start on this journey with ABCO to fuse our complementary strengths in solving the crippling labor and efficiency challenges that warehouses across the USA face.”

As the demand for faster delivery increases, with many customers desiring same-day or two-hour warehouse-to-door deliveries, companies are seeking micro fulfillment services that enable them to increase their speed and efficiency.

By combining Addverb’s automation hardware (AMRs and AGVs) and software (WES, WMS, and FMS) with ABCO’s warehousing operations and material handling equipment systems, companies can maximize their storage capacity and increase pick speeds without compromising accuracy.

Seth Weisberg, CEO of ABCO Systems, says: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Addverb.

“The partnership between ABCO and Addverb embodies the strategic growth of the industry of logistics and distribution through automation, and we look forward to incorporating Addverb’s technology into optimizing solutions for our customers.”

Addverb’s partnership with ABCO Systems is the latest in a series of alliances formed that expands the deployment of Addverb’s cutting-edge mobile robots and integrated software solutions to US warehouses and fulfillment centers.

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