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MicroVision’s lidar solution now supported on Nvidia’s autonomous vehicle platform

MicroVision, a maker of MEMS-based solid-state automotive lidar and advanced driver-assistance systems, says its Mavin DR dynamic view lidar system is now supported on the Nvidia Drive AGX platform.

Mavin DR, MicroVision’s lidar sensor featuring a dynamic field of view, delivers high resolution at all ranges and with low latency, enabling new ADAS safety features to achieve true highway-pilot functionality that OEMs demand.

Nvidia Drive AGX is a scalable, open, centralized software-defined compute platform that serves as the AI brain for highly automated and fully self-driving vehicles.

It delivers industry-leading performance for the development and production of functionally safe AI-powered cars, trucks, robotaxis and more.

Sumit Sharma, CEO of MicroVision, says: “MicroVision’s unique lidar solution being supported on the Nvidia Drive platform allows for quick and safe adoption by OEMs building the next generation of ADAS-equipped vehicles.

“MicroVision’s solution includes high-fidelity lidar sensors combined with proprietary perception software, enabling low latency and high performance to achieve superior highway pilot functionality.

“Our goal is to allow customers to achieve true highway-pilot functionality and higher levels of autonomy, with best-in-class performance balanced against overall system cost.”

Glenn Schuster, senior director of sensor ecosystems at Nvidia, says: “MicroVision’s unique solution provides data with minimal latency and detects the velocity of objects both laterally and axially to understand paths and predict trajectories.

“With MicroVision as part of our world-class Nvidia Drive ecosystem partner network, OEM customers can feel confident knowing they have access to qualified leading-edge sensors that meet the exacting requirements they expect for their safe ADAS and autonomous systems.”

In further collaboration with Nvidia, MicroVision’s Mavin DR is also supported on Nvidia Drive Sim, a simulation platform built for autonomous vehicle development and validation.

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