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Flexiv showcases robotic masseur and robotic coronavirus testing system

Flexiv, a “general-purpose” robotics company which also produces a collaborative robotic arm, has been showcasing some of its latest robotic developments at the recent World Artificial Intelligence Conference, held in China.

Flexiv’s booth featured a fully automated coronavirus testing robot, a robotic masseur, and a range of other industry-ready robotic solutions.

Attracting over 200 exhibitors and 300 guest speakers, the expo was held from the 1st to the 3rd of September at Shanghai’s World Expo Centre.

With the fight against Covid-19 ongoing, Flexiv has developed what it describes as a “unique testing solution” to enable health agencies to protect their testing staff from potential cross infection.

Fully automated, the Rizon robotic arm can independently test members of the public by taking a mouth swab and depositing the sample in a sterile container. With no need for human-to-human interaction, health workers can be redeployed and their workload reduced.

Rizon’s computer vision, force control, and AI capabilities means the robot can automatically identify the subject’s mouth and complete the test with the same skill and dexterity as a human.

To enable WAIC visitors to relax and unwind, Flexiv’s robotic masseur is also on hand to provide booth visitors with a state-of-the-art back massage.

Yunfan Gao, Flexiv’s marketing director and new market development lead, says: “We believe that robotics will play an intrinsic part of everyday life in the future, serving to democratise access to services which are currently cost-prohibitive.

“I hope that our robotic masseur will one day be in in every shopping centre, airport, and office providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional massages.”

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