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Columbia/Okura celebrates shipping 1,000th palletizing system

Columbia/Okura marked the milestone of shipping its 1,000th robotic palletizer. We’ve designed and commissioned many successful palletizing systems, handling a massive range of products across dozens of industries worldwide.

From bag palletizing systems in abusive and harsh environments to high-speed, multi-robot, multi-picking case applications, Columbia/Okura has handled almost any type of product packaging in virtually any application.

To celebrate the occasion and thank employees for their hard work, Columbia/Okura supplied lunch from Smokin’ Oak, a local barbeque restaurant in Vancouver, Canada.

Over the past 26 years, the Columbia/Okura team has gathered for every one-hundred robot sold milestone, celebrating with lunch and a team photo with the robot.

However, due to Covid-19, in-person celebrations have been canceled for the last milestones – 900th systems sold–making this in-person celebration of 1,000 robots even better.

The 1,000th system will be sent to our customer in North Carolina, Cherry Farms Seed Co, with a unique crest on the arm to denote it is our 1,000th robot.

The system includes the Ai1800 robot, sheet presenter, pallet dispenser, bag end-effector, bag infeed, station conveyor, and a gravity pickup conveyor. Our customer will also receive a framed copy of our staff photo with the system to commemorate the occasion.

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