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DuPont commits to using renewable energy across all its global operations

Industrial giant DuPont, which specializes in developing novel materials such as Kevlar, says it is committed to using renewable energy across all its operations worldwide.

As a step towards that goal, DuPont has joined RE100, a global environmental initiative led by the Climate Group in partnership with CDP, which brings together companies committed to shifting the electricity used globally in its operations to 100 percent renewable energy.

Joining RE100 underscores DuPont’s commitment to its global Acting on Climate sustainability goal, which aims to source at least 60 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. DuPont is also committing to address market and policy barriers to sourcing renewables alongside member companies.

Alexa Dembek, DuPont chief technology and sustainability officer, says: “The rapidly increasing effects of climate change require urgent action from all of us to make the full transition to renewable energy sources, which is critical to achieving sustainable business growth.

“At DuPont, we have challenged ourselves with ambitious goals, placing sustainability front and center in our innovations, products, operations, and people. Partnering with RE100 is a significant step forward in our journey to help contribute to a more sustainable future.”

DuPont is developing innovative low-carbon and energy-efficient solutions that help industries and customers decarbonize, and advocates for market-based approaches to consistent, predictable policies and regulations that foster climate innovation and investment.

DuPont says a “critical part” of its emissions reduction strategy is to procure its electricity from more renewable sources.

In 2020, the company expanded use of renewable electricity sources and credits and entered a partnership with Schneider Electric to support DuPont’s long-term renewable energy procurement strategy.

Last week, DuPont signed a virtual power purchase agreement with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources with a generation capacity of the equivalent of 135 megawatts of new wind energy in Texas. This will enable DuPont to increase its renewable energy sources and credits. The project is the equivalent of approximately 25 percent of the company usage.

Sam Kimmins, head of RE100 at Climate Group, says: “We are delighted to welcome DuPont to RE100.

“By committing to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2050, DuPont joins over 320 of the world’s leading businesses committed to driving market change. This sends a powerful message that renewable electricity makes good business sense, and we encourage others to follow.”

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