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Alstef unveils robot for baggage handling at airports

Alstef has unveiled a mobile robot for handling baggage at airports. The new machine – the BAGXone – was launched by Nicolas Breton, Alstef Group’s CEO, at a recent industry event.

BAGXone is described as a high-speed automated guided vehicle designed to handle individual bags. It can cover short distances, from check-in to screening machines or from the screening machines to an early bag store, reconciliation room, make-up carousel.

It can also cover long distances – for example, link between two terminals. It is also “easily adaptable” to suit scalability and redundancy requirements. If there are increased capacity requirements or expansion of the baggage sorting system, new AGVs can be added to extend the fleet.

BAGXone can also be used in CBRA screening rooms or for oversize transport and implementing a BAGXone fleet requires very little infrastructure. Alstef says the BAGXone fleet is easily adapted to suit requirements with seamless commissioning.

BAGXone knows its position and its environment in real-time. Mixed navigation is enabled through area reflectors and contour navigation and allows for trajectory accuracy according to speed and environment.

The solution is controlled by BAGware and AGV Manager software, combined with operating support tools to ensure the overall system performance. Fleet communication is based on a system-specific, highly secure protocol.

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