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Unbox Robotics launches ‘first-of-its-kind’ vertical robotics sortation solution

Unbox Robotics, a robotics technology company specializing in logistics, has launched what it says is “the first-of-its-kind vertical robotics sortation solution”.

Called “UnboxSort”, the solution was unveiled on the sidelines of the India Warehousing Show 2022 in New Delhi. Unbox describes UnboxSort as a “swarm intelligence-powered Industry 4.0 plug-and-play robotics solution”.

With the help of UnboxSort, Unbox Robotics aims to help e-commerce retailers scale up their logistics to handle the high parcel volume brought in by the change in online buying behaviour since the pandemic.

In this age of quick commerce, Unbox Robotics’ patented system deploys a fleet of Swarm Intelligence-powered autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to work in compact spaces at fulfilment centres and warehouses to sort packages vertically into smart racks.

It can also automate the sorting of returned goods as per suppliers, location or product types, and so on.

Unbox Robotics’s unique approach to sortation utilizes vertical space to sort the parcels – the only such robotics solution in the world.

Through this unique capability, UnboxSort makes it possible for warehouses of any size to automate themselves and transition to Industry 4.0.

By utilising the unused vertical space in warehouses and sortation centres as well as hubs, the solution can scan, sort and dispatch packages in a space-, time- and cost-efficient manner.

The UnboxSort is also available on a RaaS (Robotics-as-a-Service) model or purchase with annual maintenance and software fees for retailers to scale up their automation as their business grows.

Studies predict that the global parcel volume is expected to reach 220-266 billion by 2026. But, only 10-15% of businesses have automated warehousing or distribution centers.

UnboxSort addresses this huge potential and a pressing market need for businesses to adapt and adopt smart, easy to deploy and cost-efficient parcel sortation solutions.

Commenting on UnboxSort, Shahid Memon, co-founder and CTO, Unbox Robotics, says: “We are excited to showcase UnboxSort at the India Warehousing Show 2022.

“We are proud to enable and empower e-commerce enterprises to adopt automation systems that can improve their intralogistics efficiency and optimise supply chains. UnboxSort brings the ability to sort and consolidate packages in the smallest footprint, in the shortest time and at lowest cost possible.

“Our aim is to help businesses transition to Industry 4.0 by providing an easy-to-deploy sortation robotics system and achieve our mission of elevating fulfilment logistics globally.”

Adding further about the efficiency of the new AMR, Shahid says: “The UnboxSort improves personnel productivity by 3 times, increases space utilization of warehousing area by 2x and works at 99.9 percent sorting efficiency with an installation timeline of less than two weeks.

“It is able to deliver 2,000 to 20,000 parcels per hour (PPH) to suit business needs of any sized retailer — from small-sized e-commerce startups to large-scale multinational e-commerce companies. The solution is also extremely dynamic and scalable, giving logistics players enough customisation over their operations.”

Unbox Robotics currently supports several leading e-commerce, retail and logistics companies across the globe to automate their fulfilment operations. The company is headquartered in Pune, India, with over 100 team members.

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