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5 Best Time Tracking Apps to Automate Your Remote Workspace

A PwC study found that AI will potentially contribute about $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Another survey by Accenture reported that 84 percent of C-suite executives admitted that leveraging AI is key to achieving their objectives.

These reports show how companies are embracing AI automation to transform how they do business. AI has also impacted many aspects of our lives, from resume building to employee monitoring and more. It has driven significant change and continues to boost living quality.

Time tracking is another area where AI is making a significant impact. AI-driven time trackers are improving employee satisfaction and performance and saving costs for employers, especially in remote workplaces.

But there are other time trackers with powerful automation features focused on improving productivity and accountability in the workplace.

Even businesses that prefer using a time tracking spreadsheet are now giving automation a chance.

This article covers the best time trackers to help you automate your remote workspace.


Timely is known to be pricey, which makes it ideal for well-funded businesses looking for advanced features.

Like every time tracker, Timely primarily tracks billable hours. However, it comes with many advanced features, some of which are considered over-the-top.

The AI-powered tool automatically begins to track time once it notices that you’ve started working. It also monitors your work behaviors and patterns and provides suggestions on how best to use your time and increase productivity.

It also offers AI-powered data entry mistake detection and task assignments.

It sports an aesthetic and intuitive user interface that makes the learning curve as short as possible, and is packed with fun emoticons.

The Memory AI machine tool pre-populates new timesheets using recorded billable hours. This way, you get to save valuable time. The AI also ensures you avoid errors like forgetting to stop time tracking and double billing.

Another added advantage are its basic project management features.


Traqq time tracker is an employee time tracking tool that automatically records billable hours and monitors how much time employees spend on apps and websites.

It’s a simple time tracker that produces in-depth analysis on time usage. Once you click the Start button to activate the tracker, it works in the background to collect relevant information without disrupting workflow.

Traqq automates reports, invoicing, and timesheets.

You’ll get to know your workers’ productivity levels to identify who’s best for what and discover areas for improvement.

The app is also designed to respect employee privacy. Since it collects screenshots and screen recordings to foster accountability, it blurs the contents of the employee’s screen to avoid leaking sensitive information.


TimeCamp is a leading web-based time tracker with more than 140,000 users. The platform is popular among marketing companies and IT businesses, especially software-as-a-service organizations.

It is available for mobile, desktop and web, and supports integration with popular time management and accounting applications.

TimeCamp helps individuals and large organizations to track time spent on tasks. It also monitors how you spend time on social media and the Internet.

Its primary functions include recording billable hours, creating timesheets, and generating invoices.

One of TimeCamp’s standout features is its ability to label certain activities as unproductive and others as productive, based on your work pattern.


While clockify is a web-based platform that requires you to create an account, it allows users to track time offline. This way, you won’t lose records of your billable hours if you venture into areas without Internet signals.

The offline time tracking feature makes it one of the best time trackers for remote workers.

The tool offers free time tracking to unlimited users. You can also use the free version on mobile, desktop, and web.

That said, you’ll have to pay a fee to get extra features like administrative controls, invoicing, project templates, and timesheet approvals.

Other features that make Clockify standout are budget comparisons against labor costs and invoicing, Pomodor timer, and an intuitive interface.

Timesheet Killer

Timesheet Killer focuses on automating monthly or weekly timesheets, removing the hassle of manual timesheet creation.

It monitors activities in documents, programs, and URLs, and uses its AI to group them into projects and tasks.

While it automatically prepares your timesheets, you can adjust everything how you see fit. You can also block websites and programs from being tracked and define how the app logs your time.

Rounding Up

We believe that AI is just starting with the time tracking space and we expect to see more. Automating your remote workspace does not only help you bill clients accurately, but also boosts your productivity significantly.

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