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Nachi-Fujikoshi launches new ‘high-speed, high-precision’ robot series

Japanese industrial robot giant Nachi-Fujikoshi has launched what it describes as a series of “high-speed, high-precision robots”.

The company says it developed the new robots “in response to customer demands for higher precision, further improving productivity, and miniaturizing electrical and electronic components”.

The three new robots are the MZ07F and MZ07LF with higher speed and precision MZ07.

Nachi adds that it will also add a slim, lightweight MZ10LF to the lineup for manufacturing sites where larger operating ranges are required above 7 Kg of weights.

Nachi says manufacturers are looking for improvements and efficiencies as well as increases in productivity. Part of the reason of this is the need to alleviate the problems caused by labor shortages due to the decline in the working age population in Japan and the increases in labor costs.

Nachi says: “Automation utilizing robots is accelerating. It is remarkable particularly in electric and electronic fields, and the introduction of the robot is rapidly expanding.”

The company says its MZ Series has earned a “high reputation” in the industrial machinery, electric and electronic sectors and a wide range of other sectors, and is contributing to the improvement of productivity at manufacturing sites.

Designed for both light weight and high rigidity, Nachi says its new robots ensures high-speed, high-precision operation, contributing to improved productivity for customers.

“In particular, MZ07F greatly enhances acceleration and deceleration performance through optimization of the inner structure. In continuous operation, tact time was reduced by up to 43 percent compared to conventional products.”

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