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ROBOJuice promises robot-made smoothies in 60 seconds

A startup company called ROBOJuice is promising “first-ever artificial intelligence and robotics-powered kiosk that can prepare and serve smoothies and acai bowls in under 60 seconds”.

Nik Sakhno, the founder of ROBOJuice, says the company has launched because the hospitality industry continues to embrace automation and it was good time to bring the machine to market.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the food automation industry, Sakhno, alongside a team of expert engineers, created ROBOjuice with the goal of helping fast-casual restaurants increase productivity, while being “10 times more affordable to deploy, and two times more profitable compared to traditional, labor-intensive fast-casual restaurants”.

The advanced technology behind ROBOjuice features a human-like robot that uses AI algorithms to emulate the human mind by recognizing ingredients, recipes and preparation techniques, all while constantly calibrating to ensure an error-free operation.

On the heels of an exciting new partnership with beloved Bay Area-based acai concept, Palmetto Superfoods, ROBOjuice’s first product launch to market, and the world’s first acai kiosk powered by a robot, is now currently operating in BETA mode in San Francisco’s Metreon Mall.

More advanced versions of the kiosk are planned to launch throughout the Bay Area by 2023.

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