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Automated pizza machine maker Piestro receives $580 million in pre-orders and finds new customer

Piestro says it has received $580 million in pre-orders for its automated pizza making machine. The company has also found a new partner, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop.

Piestro says its robotic pizzeria produces “high-quality artisanal pizza within just a few minutes”.

Capriotti, a fast-casual sandwich franchise, will begin a piloted test of the Piestro Pod in Capriotti’s flagship Las Vegas location. Capriotti’s also intends to purchase up to 100 Piestro Pods within five years of such units being made available to the restaurant following the pilot.

As customer demand for convenience and speed remain at an all-time high in the restaurant industry, brands must rapidly evolve to keep up with the ever-changing food landscape.

Capriotti’s puts innovation and technology disruption front and center, particularly as a brand whose sales lean heavily to lunchtime hours and is taking steps to expand beyond that.

Ashley Morris, CEO, of Capriotti, says: “Piestro will be a tremendous addition to our shops and give our customers a brand-new menu category for evening and late-night eats that we didn’t have before.

“During these slower blocks of the day, one pod could increase our revenue without needing to find additional team members. We’re optimistic that our initial test will be a success, and foresee Piestro becoming an integral part of our future store layouts.”

Through the integration of Piestro, Capriotti’s will be able to offer delicious pizza to its customers without the retail footprint and labor costs typically associated with producing pizza. This means Capriotti’s increases their return on investment and customers pay lower prices than they would at a conventional pizzeria.

Massimo Noja de Marco, CEO of Piestro, says: “We are extremely excited to partner with a rapidly growing brand like Capriotti’s and cannot wait to serve our pizza to their loyal customers.

“Once they try our unique recipe for the first time and see our Pod in action, we have no doubt that they will keep coming back for more!”

Piestro says it is continuing to see traction with investors in its crowdfunding campaign, which is currently underway on WAX.

The company says its robotic platform gives more everyday investors an opportunity to capitalize on the $46.3 billion US pizza market and be a part of shaping the future of the industry by investing in intelligent automation.

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