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Wings and Rings partners with Miso Robotics to begin Flippy 2 pilot

Miso Robotics, the company transforming the restaurant industry with robotics and intelligent automation, has started a partnership with Wings and Rings, a club-level sports restaurant chain serving signature wings and other chef-inspired menu items, to begin a piloted test of Flippy 2 in its Crestview Hills, Kentucky location, with possible plans for further integration in the months ahead.

Built on the Miso Platform, Flippy 2 leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and data analytics to maximize efficiency in the commercial kitchen.

As the first wing concept to integrate Flippy 2 in a real restaurant environment versus a test kitchen, Wings and Rings sees robotics as the next evolution in alleviating the long-term challenges that the ongoing labor shortage has brought to the entire restaurant industry.

Incorporating Flippy 2 into its operations will help the brand stay true to Chef Dan Admire’s culinary commitment of offering a consistently elevated dining experience to its customers.

Bob Bafundo, COO of Wings and Rings, says: “As a leading developer of robotics technology in the restaurant space, Miso Robotics is a perfect partner to integrate into our business.

“We’ve been so impressed by our conversations with Miso and our initial tests of Flippy that we’re adding more menu items into our pilot. Flippy is consistent, dependable and cooks our food even quicker than before without sacrificing the flavor-forward taste we’re known for.”

Wings and Rings will not only see an immediate impact on throughput and efficiency in the kitchen, but its human counterparts will be able to focus on more customer-facing roles like waiting tables and taking orders.

Mike Bell, CEO of Miso Robotics, says: “Adding another tremendous brand to our customer base is huge, but when that brand shares in our vision for quality and sees robotics as a game-changer for their overall business and the betterment of their employees, it’s even sweeter.

“Wings and Rings has been committed to us since Day 1 and we can’t wait to work with them for many years to come.”

Miso Robotics is primarily funded by individual investors and is one of the most successful crowdfund stories in history. With over 25,000 shareholders, the company has raised $75 million in crowdfunding to date and recently closed its Series E round, which had a pre-money valuation of $500 million.

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