Top Most Important Business Graphic Design Types

Graphic design comes in all different shapes and forms. The usual thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of graphics is a nicely done image. This is, however, a very limited view of what graphic designers do every day.

Depending on what your business is, you might find yourself in need of using a specific type of graphic design to do what you want. This blog will cover some of the most important types of graphic design that businesses need.

UI/UX Design

The most in-demand type of graphic design in the digital age. Thanks to the rising popularity of digital content, more and more online businesses are finding themselves in need of designing user-friendly interfaces.

Graphic designers specializing in this niche make it their job to deliver website interfaces, images, and visual content that speaks to an audience and is easy to use. Businesses afraid their website ranking is suffering should look first to see if they have well-designed user interfaces and user experiences.

Advertisement Design

This specific niche focuses on developing creative ads powered by the right visuals. Some of the things those graphic designers work on are billboards, logos, banners, and many more types of creative graphics.

Design and marketing intersect very strongly. In fact, it can be said that creative graphic design expands your marketing efforts, and it is because of the ability to absorb graphic content much more quickly than the written word.

Brand Design

A great brand is all about having a captivating design. Graphic designers specializing in this area make it their job to identify a brand, understand its goals, work out a way to have it appear visually appealing, and align it with the brand experience.

Businesses without a strong brand look are ignored, and this alone can destroy a business because first impressions dominate the modern world.

Packaging Design

Very overlooked but still very important. Having a good packing design can sell your product right away. Graphic designers in this area focus on associating your brand with the package itself.

Moreover, package design requires specialized knowledge of printing to make effective decisions about how it should look. Some common examples of packages that need good design are stickers and wrapping paper.

Publication Design

Despite falling out of favor because of the rise of digital books and weaker salaries, publication design is still an important area of focus for many designers. These designs are the ones that appear on books, printed paper, catalogs, and magazines.

As with the other design types mentioned here, a good visual eye for detail is important to work out something that can be sold far and wide. Since printed media requires people to look through the book, it becomes essential to design attractive margins and grids to captivate and keep them invested in the material they’re reading.

Motion Graphic Design

Another key area of the design spectrum. It’s also a strong component of visual content and the driver behind website traffic.

Motion design is basically designing animations for your videos. Creative designers can make your video appear hyper-realistic to leave a strong impression on people’s minds.

These motions can also be added to PowerPoint presentations to make them livelier. There’s also the option of making cartoon animations in your videos to connect with different demographics of viewers and appeal to the ‘child’ inside of every viewer.

Environmental Design

This niche overlaps with architecture and interior design. It requires designers who have good spatial awareness to make sense of all the space that can be colored and shaped with pictures. Form follows function very well in this niche, and any deviation from the standards is considered bad design.

The next time you see an office sign, you now know that a well-trained designer was behind it. The same applies to hotel room number signs, stop signs on the road, and much more.

These professionals shoulder a big amount of responsibility. A wrong combination of colors and shapes can endanger many people’s lives. It’s why this area requires years of specialized training and college education to break into.

In Short

When you reach out to graphic designers and decide to hire one, be sure to ask them about their niche. There are so many types of designs out there that covering them all would require a full-length article. Obviously, some designers are in demand more than others.

Many people ask for the services of brand designers because businesses everywhere need one. Hopefully, this blog has introduced you to the various designs and their importance in several industries.

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