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Apptronik raises $15 million for its humanoid robots

Apptronik, an Austin-based robotics company specializing in the development of exoskeletons and collaborative robotics systems, says it raised $14.6 million in a Seed Round, including Capital Factory, Grit Ventures, Perot Jain and other strategic investors.

This funding will go toward fulfilling the company’s current customer orders while accelerating the commercialization of one of the industry’s first mass-produced humanoid robots capable of working alongside humans.

Apptronik is positioned to scale its deep portfolio of safe, intelligent, versatile, and adaptable robotic technology for unstructured environments across enterprises.

Already, the company has delivered many successful human-centered robots to the marketplace, several of which currently operate inside Fortune 50 enterprises including manufacturing, automotive, supply chain, defense and more.

Apptronik’s core mission is to build robots that are teammates for humankind. While many companies are developing special purpose robots to handle a narrow set of tasks and applications, Apptronik is focusing on general purpose robots that can perform a wide range of tasks in a world designed for humans.

Apptronik robots are not only brilliantly engineered, but beautifully designed to work intuitively with humans. Apptronik robots complement the human workforce in tasks such as supply chain operations, facility inspections, and other laborious or dangerous tasks.

This approach will be seen later this summer when the company announces its latest robot to fulfill current customer orders.

Jeff Cardenas, CEO and co-founder of Apptronik, says: “We’re approaching an inflection point where enormous market demand and commercial viability are driving rapid technological adoption.

“We face critical realities in our labor market, supply chain and environment. We’re giving people real-world tools to improve the future of work and accelerate economic recovery. The future is here.”

Jennifer Gill Roberts, of Grit Ventures, says: “Massive productivity and supply chain challenges are hitting every major industry.

“But industrial automation advances are starting to make a difference. Given geopolitical tensions and the state of the American economy, general purpose robotics are now mission critical. We are proud to support Apptronik as it leads Texas and the nation in this space.”

Anurag Jain, co-founder and managing partner of PerotJain, says: “There are massive challenges to solve all across logistics, supply chain and critical industries today.

“The innovation and technology behind Apptronik’s general purpose robots open many new doors, including those that provide scalable solutions for the world’s most important problems.

“We are proud to be one of several investors for Apptronik and look forward to seeing their systems out in the real world solving real problems in the near future.”

Apptronik is on a mission to build one of the world’s leading robotics companies in the United States. Its goal is to prove the benefits of robots working alongside humans – versus replacing them – to assist in jobs and enable a better quality of life.

This has helped the company recruit top talent looking to see their innovations come to market now, including leaders from Tesla, Apple, Meta, Honeywell and more.

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