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How Technology is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Sector

The benefits of the digital age can be seen more clearly in the world of entertainment than anywhere else. Technology has gone a long way to creating media for mass consumption and a lot of profit can be found no matter where you are in the industry.

Indeed, the entertainment sector currently stands at $2.2 trillion, and is expected to reach $2.6 trillion within the next 3 years!

We see this kind of saturation across multiple entertainment platforms. More streaming services than ever before, cryptocurrency fitting itself into the social media world – but what does that mean for the world of entertainment at large?

Sure it’s a profitable space that feels like there’s a niche for everyone, but how has tech really played its part? Let’s delve into the idea a little more below.

You Can Access an Audience Anywhere

The ability to access an audience no matter where they are in the world is the main reason for the current media technology boom. If someone is out in the woods and still has a phone signal, it means they can access 4 or 5G and stay updated on what you’re putting out there.

In a single button push you can draw in thousands of people from all over the world to engage with your content, whether they like, dislike, or have something to say about it. It’s why streaming is so popular; provide some choices from home and rake in the dollars.

Collaboration Has Become Second Nature

Tech has made us so interconnected that collaboration has become second nature to the entertainment industry. You can work with who you want, when you want, and where you want.

If you’ve got a low budget but a good idea, getting the right people involved is simply a matter of sending a message across any number of networking sites.

That has helped to foster creativity more than ever before. Indeed, you can even take out iPhone rentals to outfit an entire remote workforce, meaning it’s easier than ever to fit talent schedules and keep to the production plan you initially set out.

Content can be made on time, press clips can be released to the most hype, and all because we’ve focused on creating a collaborative space that pays back tenfold.

You Can Game No Matter Where You Are

Mobile gaming and handheld consoles have ensured we can play our favorite games no matter where we are in the world. This was just a pipe dream back in the 70s and 80s!

But these days we can play full length epic adventures in the back of the car, on airplanes, while sitting on the train, and even while you’re just standing around without anything else to do.

Technology is there to make life more convenient, but it’s also made mundane tasks a lot more fun to undergo too. Think about it; how long did it take you to pull out your phone the last time you were waiting in a queue? And how many gaming apps do you have saved to your homescreen?

Never before has the gaming market been able to capitalize on our attention spans so well, which has pushed for an even greater drive in creating technology that can deliver these solutions to us much faster.

Movies Have More of a Visual Appeal Than Ever

The use of practical effects in movies has come on leaps and bounds since the 1920s and 30s, but the invention of CGI and other film editing effects has made this portion of the media landscape more successful than ever.

What can’t be made by human hand can be generated by a computer, and that has pushed movie making to the very heights of what we’ve always imagined it could be.

CGI was first used in 1973 during the making of the film Westworld, but computer animation stretches back far earlier than that. Think of early animated features like those from Disney, and then consider how quickly this use of tech has spiralled.

From simple enhancement to full on green screen technology, CGI has made movies more appealing to watch for every single generation.

When it comes to revolutionary technology, media and entertainment have succeeded like never before. Your content can be accessible at all times, and that really helps to get your name out there. So, if you’re someone keen to get into media production, there’s plenty of tech out there to help you on your journey!

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