Palmetto partners with ROBOjuice to automate smoothie-making

Palmetto Superfoods, a San Francisco-based provider of acai bowl and smoothie drinks, is partnering with ROBOjuice, a fully automated kiosk to create and serve menu items in under 60 seconds.

This technology by ROBOjuice founder Nik Sakhno enables restaurant operators to serve guests faster, and at a lower price, than traditional brick-and-mortar stores, according to the companies.

Under the direction of Palmetto Superfoods CEO Charles Lee, this strategic partnership marks the superfood concept’s introduction into the advanced technology space.

The first Palmetto Superfoods ROBOjuice kiosk is currently undergoing beta testing at San Francisco’s Metreon Mall, with plans to add kiosks throughout the Bay Area by 2023.

Once an order is placed through ROBOjuice’s touch screen, the machine’s robotics-powered system measures, cuts and dispenses ingredients from temperature-controlled containers into a serving cup.

The machine then pours in liquid bases, such as plant-based milks or coconut water, and adds organic mix-ins or toppings, like chia seeds and granola, either before or after blending.

To ensure there is no cross-contamination of flavors or ingredients, the system completely self-cleans in 15 seconds after each order is completed.

The robot recognizes errors and spills in real-time, automatically adjusting its settings to ensure the error doesn’t reoccur.

Currently, Palmetto Superfoods’ ROBOjuice kiosk offers four signature creations: Berry Banana Smoothie, Passionate Pitaya Smoothie, Açaí Cold Brew Smoothie and Palmetto Açai Bowl. Additional items will be added to ROBOjuice’s menu throughout its beta phase.

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