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OTTO Motors releases new software for fleet manage of autonomous mobile robots

OTTO Motors, a leading provider of autonomous mobile robots, released software giving customers “better visibility and depth” of their fleet’s performance.

Jay Judkowitz, VP of product at OTTO Motors, says: “Over the last few years, we’ve seen facilities test AMRs for automating material handling. Today, they are no longer testing, they are operationalizing.

“As a result, our customers’ needs are evolving and we are with them. This software release is about giving operators better visibility and depth of their fleet’s performance including dashboards, analytics, video playbacks, and troubleshooting capabilities that are unmatched in the market.

“By having all of this data, our customers are able to quickly direct their valuable labor on where to look to eliminate inefficiencies.”

OTTO Motors provides AMR users sophisticated tools to analyze their system, identify risks, and optimize their AMR-driven material flow.

Today’s leading manufacturers are using analytics, displayed in elegant dashboards, to make sense of floor data in order to visualize KPIs at a glance, drill down into specific vehicles or actionable tasks and spot bottlenecks.

The latest update includes capabilities for independent troubleshooting and fleet analysis. It enables customers to play back “snapshots”, which are detailed logs of Fleet Manager, robot actions, and statuses presented in video form.

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