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Brain Corp moves to Google Cloud for robot fleet management

Brain Corp, an artificial intelligence company specializing in cleaning robots, will adopt Google Cloud as the core technical infrastructure for the management of its fleet of autonomous mobile robots.

Jon Thomason, chief technical officer at Brain Corp, says: “With the scale and speed of growth of AMRs now powered by BrainOS, it’s essential that we have the most powerful technology infrastructure underpinning it.

“Using the Google Cloud Platform enables us to deliver an elevated experience to our customers, providing a mobile-first platform with near real-time data availability and data security at its core.

“It also provides the tools and rich integration capabilities customers need to advance their automation efforts into the future.”

With the switch to Google Cloud, Brain Corp now offers its customers a full mobile experience as part of its fleet management offering.

This means customers can get near real-time notifications and insights from their BrainOS powered robot from virtually anywhere via the BrainOS Mobile app, allowing users to seamlessly interact with and view their robotic operations.

Other key highlights include:

  • Data Integration: Enhanced mechanisms for sharing data directly with customers for use in their own analytics and tooling.
  • Reporting: New functionality enabling robots to create site maps, allowing users to see full views of their facilities and track robot operations on a map.

John Gill, senior software engineering manager at Brain Corp, says: “With the speed of change being seen in retail, logistics, manufacturing and many other industries fast tracking their automation strategies, it’s essential we’re able to provide valuable business intelligence through our AMR fleets precisely where it’s needed and when.

“We look for partners that are willing to invest in us and work together to find solutions that advance the industry as a whole and that’s what we’ve found with the Google Cloud team.”

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