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Bachmann Engineering gains certification from Universal Robots for its robot module solution

A robot module solution designed and built by Bachmann Engineering has received certification from Universal Robots.

The robotic module solution – called “Bachmann BlastingUnit” – enables the automation of blasting processes.

Certification by Universal Robots through its UR+ marketplace adds the BBU to the global catalog of UR+ products.

Andrea Alboni, regional manager western Europe at Universal Robots, says: “We are very pleased that, thanks to the certification, we can now offer the Bachmann BlastingUnit throughout the world as a UR+ product. The certification is a testimony to the innovative strength of Bachmann Engineering.”

The UR+ certificate guarantees compatibility with UR’s collaborative robots (cobots) and compliance with specific quality criteria.

But what exactly does the newly certified solution do? The BBU is a complete attachment set that enables the automatic insertion of workpieces into existing blast machines.

This process is mastered with a transfer station that ensures that the bellows and coupling system are fixed in their exact position. The system is designed so that the robot connects the bearing flange and gripper flange in a force-fit manner.

This allows the robot to move the workpiece with positional accuracy in the blasting machine during the blasting process. When the process is complete, the robot arm guides the workpiece out and deposits it on a workpiece carrier.

The market for UR cobots, which can work in close proximity to and together with humans, has grown strongly in recent years.

The main success factor has been and still is the ease of programming, which allows even untrained employees to quickly enter the field of collaborative robotics.

In addition, the continuously growing universe of UR+ products is a key success factor. For example, UR+ products must meet “plug & produce” requirements, which again plays into the hands of the simplicity factor.

Marc Strub, CEO of Bachmann Engineering, says: “We are proud that with the BBU we can now offer a first product with UR+ certification.

He is convinced that the UR cobots and the currently more than 350 UR+ products worldwide will meet with increased demand in the coming years.

Strub says: “Cost pressure and a shortage of skilled workers are forcing many companies to look for creative solutions – the use of UR cobots in combination with UR+ products is an obvious choice.”

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