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Geek+ to debut new robotics solutions at LogiMAT 2022

Geek+, a manufacturer of warehouse automation technology, is returning to the LogiMAT logistics trade show to showcase its latest award-winning autonomous mobile robot solutions, the revolutionary PopPick and RoboShuttle 8 solutions.

Geek+ developed PopPick to transform what a picking station can be by maximizing storage space utilization and throughput capacity while reducing costs by 50 percent and making the working environment more comfortable for warehouse personnel.

PopPick represents the future of warehouse management, with fleets of autonomous robots fetching goods from storage racks and bringing them to warehouse personnel at a central picking station.

The solution can handle 650 totes per hour per station. At the PopPick workstation, robotic arms hand the goods to the operator in a position best suited to their body, creating a more ergonomic working environment.

In addition to PopPick, Geek+ will also showcase RoboShuttle 8, an AMR system that also enables super-dense storage by employing robots capable of reaching far higher and faster than humans can.

The RoboShuttle 8 will be hard to miss: It is the tallest AMR on the market, able to reach shelves of over 8 meters in height.

Geek+’s European team at LogiMAT will explain the features of the PopPick and RoboShuttle solutions to visitors and meet with clients.

An additional Geek+ AMR at the show is the material-handling MP1000R moving robot, a bestseller for manufacturing scenarios; and many more.

Geek+ looks forward to showcasing these and other forerunners of automated solutions in Hall 7 at Booth D51 at LogiMAT 2022.

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