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Flexiv unveils ‘powerful’ new development kit for robot users

Flexiv, which claims to be “the world’s leading general-purpose robotics company”, has released its Robotic Development Kit (RDK).

Describing it as “a leap forward in how robots are programmed and managed”, Flexiv says the RDK provides users with a powerful toolkit that can enhance how their robot works.

The RDK utilises customizable, easy-to-use APIs so users can completely control an adaptive robot and make instant program modifications or integrate external hardware and software effortlessly.

Featuring the ability to issue multiple commands, execute high-level tasks, and invoke various skills, developers can rapidly create custom apps like teleoperation, dual-arm tasks, or autonomous mobile work.

With the development kit’s comprehensive technical documentation and on-demand assistance from Flexiv’s team of experts, beginners can delve into programming and learn on the fly to transform their skillset.

From leveraging existing code using a wide array of library files or creating tailor-made programmes using C++ and Python, developers have the power they need at their fingertips.

Xiyang Yeh, co-founder and CTO of Flexiv, says: “Flexiv’s RDK brings about a fresh experience on the programming of complex robotic systems.

“The kit provides users with the flexibility to not only use existing capabilities of our robots, but also implement custom behaviours to meet their application needs.”

To date, RDK has already been actively used by customers from academia and industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture.

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