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7 Roles of Artificial Intelligence in the Defence Sector

Artificial Intelligence has managed to infiltrate many industries and sectors, including the defence sector and different military operations.

Artificial Intelligence is used by almost all nations for managing the defence sector and military operations.

Currently, a huge investment is made in this niche to further strengthen the defence sector of any country.

Here are seven roles of artificial intelligence in the defence sector.

1. Training the soldiers

Without an actual war, how would one teach the soldiers about actual war life situations? In such an important situation, the role of Artificial Intelligence is huge.

Artificial Intelligence can be used for creating simulations and training to design different models to train the soldiers to get used to the different fighting systems, which is important for actual military operations.

The navy and army of different countries use Artificial Intelligence to create sensor simulation programmes to help the soldiers.

Such AI is also combined with augmented reality and virtual reality to create more real-life situations.

2. Cybersecurity

The defence sector holds much critical and classified information. The sensitive information makes the defence sector extremely prone to cyberattacks.

The defence sector obviously hides its digital footprints by adding a layer of security.

Many times, the defence sector also hides the IP and one can check their IP in What Is My IP. However, normal security is not enough to secure sensitive information.

For providing an added level of security, the military sector often uses Artificial Intelligence. AI plays a critical role in preventing unauthorized intrusion.

3. Surveillance

It is no secret that surveillance plays an important role in the defence sector and different military operations.

Artificial Intelligence can be used in surveillance for keeping an eye on suspicious activity.

Also, not only is it able to identify suspicious activity but also alerts the respective authorities to tackle the situation. AI-enabled robots also play a critical role in such activities.

4. Arms and Ammunition

Weapons are no longer simple weapons but are new-age weapons. These weapons are commonly embedded with Artificial Intelligence technology.

The application of AI can be most commonly seen in sophisticated missiles which are designed to accurately attack a target.

5. Logistics

Military operations often have to deal with logistics too. The logistic operation in the defence sector is not like an ordinary logistic service.

Artificial Intelligence also plays a critical role in ensuring the safety, security and efficiency of the logistic system.

6. Diffusion of Explosives

Robots and Artificial Intelligence are combined together to create a Remotely Operated Vehicle which is used for defusing explosives. Sending someone to defuse explosives can be dangerous for obvious reasons.

However, by creating delicate and highly intelligent Remotely Operated Devices, the entire process of defusing explosives can be made safer.

7. Network Traffic Analysis

Artificial Intelligence is also used in Network Traffic Analysis. This system mostly monitors the internet traffic, especially the voice traffic passing through different software like Google Talk and Skype.

The voice traffic is then checked for intercept messages with keywords like kill, blast and bomb and that too in real life. This technology is useful in preventing attacks and thus, working towards the safety of the people.

Other usages of Artificial Intelligence in the defence and military sector include analysis of data from different sensors and satellites.

Also, it is used by water ships which use sonar for detecting mines. Military robots, as discussed above, obviously ensure the safety of everyone. AI and machine learning merged to handle unmanned vehicles like battle necks and aircraft.

Usage of Artificial Intelligence in the military is not new. Many developed and developing nations use AI-based technology to strengthen their military operation.

The countries are investing highly in Artificial Intelligence to develop different military infrastructures. The degree of such investment, of course, differs from one country to another.

Even though the financial investment is huge, it is worth the investment. Also, employing Artificial Intelligence requires expertise too. Many scientists, coders and developers work together in a laboratory to employ Artificial Intelligence in military operations.

The challenges of employing Artificial Intelligence in military operations come in the form of money and skills.

However, the same can be addressed by making it a priority. In the coming years, the usage of AI will keep improving in different sectors, including the defence sector.

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