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XCMJ shows off massive 2,000-ton crawler crane

XCMG has been showcasing the power of its new, massive crane.

XCMG’s 2,000-ton XLC26000 crawler crane has successfully completed the hoisting and installation of a 603-ton carbon dioxide stripping tower for the construction project of the largest green fertilizer plant in Bangladesh in this month.

The XLC26000 is the largest ever tonnage crawler crane that China has exported to Bangladesh. Bangladesh has been relying on importing agricultural fertilizers.

The project, undertaken by China Nuclear Industry Mechanical Engineering Company, will bolster synthetic ammonia production capacity to reach 500,000 tons per year and urea production of 800,000 tons per year upon completion, which will effectively fill the market gap and greatly lower the import dependency rate and enable Bangladesh’s fertilizer industry to be “self-sufficient” by and large.

Ge Yishang, international product manager of crawler crane of XCMG, says: “As a leading construction machinery manufacturer, XCMG has won over the market with quality and gained recognition from customers with our premium services.

“Our products and technologies are also playing key roles in supporting the development of other countries.”

The carbon dioxide stripping tower is the tallest and heaviest piece of equipment at the plant, and to ensure smooth operation, XCMG’s project service team has adopted the plan of using the latest 2,000-ton crawler crane as the main crane and a 400-ton crawler crane coordinating.

With a series of advanced and industry-leading intelligent technologies including the connection method of “mechanical positioning + hydraulic power latch” and one-touch main boom luffing, the XLC26000 was assembled seven days ahead of schedule greatly reducing time cost.

The XLC26000 adopts the 90-meter super crane main boom with placing radius of 30 meters, using the technique of single main engine lift delivery, it successfully lifted a 603-ton heavy and 68.5 meters tall carbon dioxide stripping tower in only five hours.

Mohammed Rajiur Rahman Mollick, director of the project, says: “XCMG equipment can be seen in all major construction projects in Bangladesh.

“The XLC26000 crawler crane is not only the strongest in the project, but also the largest tonnage in the country and I believe that it will provide strong support and guarantee for the project’s upcoming construction.”

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