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NuPort Robotics to take its autonomous trucks and buses to India

NuPort Robotics, a Canadian autonomous trucking company, says it plans to set up operations in India with a mission to improve safety on Indian roads.

NuPort’s technology provides transportation solutions for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, such as buses and trucks, by enabling next-generation automated vehicles to be more fuel-efficient and safer to operate with enhanced driver experience.

NuPort is targeting the deployment of Level 2 autonomy which includes advanced driver assistance systems, data analysis and driver suggestions – all of which cumulatively lead to safer and more efficient vehicle performance.

NuPort Robotics has recently entered into a partnership with World Trade Center Pune (WTC Pune), to introduce NuPort technology to the Indian and global markets.

WTC Pune will use its global reach to assist in strategic business development and partnerships to advance autonomous driving technologies in the market.

NuPort plans to partner with major Indian manufacturers of electric trucks and buses to support its safety and sustainability objectives and lead the country towards deploying advanced technologies for transportation.

Raghavender Sahdev, CEO, NuPort Robotics, says: “We will improve road safety of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, our expansion of operations in India will lead to improving road safety for heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

“We will work with major manufacturers to deploy our technology at scale in the country. Our partnership with the World Trade Center Pune, enables us not only to accelerate our commercial roadmap but also to assist with operations and strategic business development in India.”

Niraj Khinvasara, CIO, World Trade Center Pune, says: “India is moving towards development and production of electric vehicles, NuPort’s technology will make these vehicles safer to operate using Artificial Intelligence, which will have a direct impact on the automotive industry and broader society.

“World Trade Center Pune is excited about our partnership with NuPort and will support their business activities from an Indian and global expansion perspective.”

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