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Stratom launches platform to enable faster development of autonomous systems in complex terrain environments

Stratom, a developer of autonomous ground vehicles and robotic systems for logistics and operational applications, has launched its Summit Off-Road Autonomy Platform, which it describes as “a highly configurable modular software system that can be easily customized for various unmanned vehicles, applications, operations and environmental conditions”.

Leveraging Stratom’s proven off-road and complex terrain capabilities, Summit delivers flexible, tailored and cost-saving autonomy solutions for a variety of industries and applications in challenging or dangerous environments.

The system is the first of its kind to combine:

  • Summit Core: Stratom’s autonomous vehicle software platform, which provides the essential framework required to implement unmanned systems.
  • Summit Behaviors: Summit’s unique modular software framework empowers users to choose autonomous system behaviors, such as perception, route planning and accessory control, that address specific real-world challenges.
  • Summit Services: Stratom’s team of software service and robotics integration experts implement and optimize systems to quickly meet specific requirements, including any necessary hardware, autonomy sensing and computing components.

Mark Gordon, president and CEO of Stratom, says: “Successfully developing off-road unmanned vehicles since 2012, Stratom understands that the right autonomous solutions can boost operating efficiency, safety and profitability of your organization.

“With Summit, Stratom is eliminating the barriers to entry for those industries that have been held back due to cost and resource limitations or challenging terrain and environments.

“For these organizations, it is now possible to easily implement a customized autonomous system that will offload monotonous, difficult or dangerous tasks, freeing up people to focus on what people do best.”

Whether in heavy industry, mining, agriculture, construction, manufacturing or other applications that require operation beyond pristine warehouses or smooth terrain, Stratom says its Summit platform delivers:

  • Future-ready scalability: Easily customize the system to add or adjust behaviors to address specific needs now and in the future.
  • Rapid deployment: Accelerate projects with full system implementation up and running in weeks, not months or even years.
  • Managed and open architecture: The fully managed software stack works seamlessly with virtually any existing system already in place.
  • Integrated system design: System deployment to dissimilar platforms within the same fleet enables various vehicles, machinery and robotics to communicate with one another, share mapping data and leverage autonomy enhancements.

Andrew Lycas, principal roboticist at Stratom, says: “Designing an autonomous system from scratch is not realistic for most organizations, which is why Stratom invested thousands of hours of system development time and resources creating the Summit platform – so you don’t have to.

“We make it possible to easily upgrade or implement a new autonomous system of vehicles, machinery or robotics for outdoor and off-road applications in the most easy and efficient way possible, now and as your needs evolve.”

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