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SVG Ventures selects 10 startups for accelerator program

SVG Ventures | THRIVE has chosen 10 global startups selected to join the 8th cohort (THRIVE VIII) of their award winning accelerator program, aimed at the agricultural technology sector.

The 10 companies were selected from an applicant pool of over 800 startups from across 78 countries.

The competitive selection process, conducted in collaboration with THRIVE’s corporate partners, focused on startups’ potential impact on sustainability as well as commercial success.

The THRIVE Accelerator Program combines an intensive startup curriculum with access to a multitude of resources including investment, access to corporates and investors and tailored mentorship from industry experts within THRIVE’s extensive network.

To date, THRIVE has graduated a total of 83 startups through its award-winning program and these startups have created more than $1 billion in value.

The program has been acknowledged as the #1 AgTech Accelerator by AgFunder and SVG Ventures has been recognized by Crunchbase as the Most Active AgTech Investor.

The 10 finalists, four from the U.S. and one each from Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Peru, Sweden, and the UK will kick off their three-month accelerator program this month with an in-person Seed Camp in Silicon Valley and attendance at the World Agri-Tech Summit.

Evan Cohen, THRIVE’s accelerator manager, says: “THRIVE VIII brings together a unique group of companies that are solving some of agricultures largest challenges. With support from our ecosystem, these companies can have a significant impact in the future.

“THRIVE VIII will set these companies up for commercialization on a larger scale and we are thrilled to help them achieve that.”

The THRIVE VIII Cohort is comprised of the following startups:

  1. Cattler Corporation is creating a way to digitize the cattle industry, making it more efficient & accountable by integrating data that is dispersed and underutilized in daily operations. It brings data from different third-party devices and systems, together under the same roof, providing the farmer with one dashboard into farm management.
  2. F4A is fighting food waste on a retail level by connecting the surplus food, about to be wasted, to customers willing to buy these products at a discounted price.
  3. Haystack enables soil carbon market scalability by helping farmers and carbon markets quantify carbon accurately and cost-effectively.
  4. Iamus Technologies has built a robotic & AI solution for the poultry industry that creates $10bn+ in value while improving sustainability and animal welfare outcomes.
  5. Lupinta are building an R&D driven food company using Lupin as the core ingredient.
  6. Muddy Machines is a versatile field robot platform with Green Asparagus harvesting as its first application while generating unique crop performance data.
  7. Pharm Robotics is creating a robotic injection system for the shot delivery process to increase herd health and decrease labor for dairy farms.
  8. SeedLinked is a seed innovation platform powered by thousands of grower reviews that fuel a prescriptive aggregated seed marketplace.
  9. SMAPPLAB offers reliable pest pressure monitoring and forecasting. Less pesticide, more harvest, sustainable agriculture.
  10. Space AG has developed software that optimizes farm labor.

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