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Quest Industrial showcases robotic palletizing for dairy industry

Quest Industrial has been showcasing the “numerous benefits” that its Box Bot Robotic Palletizer brings to the dairy industry at the recent CheeseExpo, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Quest is an award-winning, Fanuc Authorized system integrator and certified vision specialist, and its systems are capable of direct food contact with US Department of Agriculture compliant and washdown designs.

For many in the dairy industry, production can be challenging due to tight facilities with fixed equipment. This is where the Box Bot shines.

The Box Bot is a space-saving, robotic palletizer with a small footprint that starts at just 8’x10’.

The advantage here is that it allows dairy companies to palletize product for shipping in confined spaces.

The Box Bot offers a skid-based design that allows for fast setup and operation in just a few hours.

Conversely, as applications or facility layout change, the Box Bot can easily be moved.

The Box Bot features a Fanuc robot that provides higher stack patterns, which better maximize tractor-trailer loading for more efficient shipping.

Creating patterns is accomplished though the QBox custom pallet building HMI-based software, the most technologically intuitive operator interface available on the market.

The ability to build your own patterns saves time and money by eliminating the need to have a service programmer onsite to perform the task.

Ideal applications for the Box Bot are dairy companies who rely on manual palletizing, but are looking to add automation as a way to increase efficiencies.

Implementing a robotic solution cuts down on labor costs, reduces risk of employee injury associated with manual palletizing, and increases predictability of a company’s production output.

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