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Dobot agrees partnership to distribute its collaborative robots in the US

Collaborative robot manufacturer Dobot has unveiled a new US distribution partnership with Philadelphia-based DB Cobots.

DB Cobots will be working directly with systems integrators, original equipment manufacturers, manufacturers across various industries and through its expansive re-seller network.

DB Cobots will also provide service and support for users and re-sellers of the robot line.

Dobot’s products are extremely cost effective, starting at $2,699 for the MG400 4 axis tabletop robot and $5,998 for the 400 mm M1Pro collaborative SCARA and complement those with a complete line of 6 axis Cobots starting under $20,000.

Dobot’s robots are used worldwide in a wide variety of markets including 3C (Computers, Communications and Consumer Electronics), Lab Automation, Automotive, Medical Device, Packaging, Dispensing, Screwdriving and Assembly.

Doug Dalgliesh, president of DB Cobots, says: “The combination of Dobot’s expertise in designing and manufacturing high-quality, low-cost Collaborative Robots and DB Cobots’ sales and service capability will provide American customers with an extremely competitive alternative to the current Collaborative Robots in the market today.

“We are honored and excited about our relationship with Dobot and look forward to introducing these great robots at a great price to the American market. All models are stocked at and supported from our Philadelphia area office.”

Dobot’s collaborative robot models Include:

  • CR3 – 6 axis, 795 mm reach, 3KG payload
  • CR3L – 6 axis 1920 mm reach, 3KG payload
  • CR5 – 6 axis, 1096 mm reach, 5KG payload
  • CR7 – 6 axis. 990 mm reach, 7KG payload
  • CR10 – 6 axis, 1525 mm reach, 10KG payload
  • CR12 – 6 axis, 1425 mm reach, 12KG payload
  • CR16 – 6 axis, 1223 mm reach, 16KG payload
  • MG400 – Table Top 4 axis, 440 mm reach, 750 gram payload
  • M1Pro – 4 axis, 400 mm reach, 1.5KG payload

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