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Skyline Robotics unveils ‘world’s first high-rise window-cleaning robot’ Ozmo

Skyline Robotics has unveiled “the future of window cleaning” with Ozmo, describing it as the “world’s first high-rise window-cleaning robot”, and investors are taking notice. (See video below.)

The company has closed a successful pre-Series A funding round led by Standard Industries with contributions from Karcher New Venture and Gefen Capital.

Skyline will use the funding across a variety of business operations including expanding its New York City team, as well as continued product development and new capabilities to own the facade operations of the future.

Skyline Robotics’ funding round comes as the first Ozmo robots get set to report to work in New York City, home to some of the world’s tallest buildings.

The company has reached a multi-year partnership with Platinum, a building restoration and maintenance service provider in New York City, owning contracts for 65 percent of Class A buildings.

Additionally, Skyline Robotics has announced that Ross Blum has been promoted to president of the company. He will also continue to serve in a dual role as Skyline’s chief operating officer.

Ozmo is outfitted with cutting-edge computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technology, the smart, automated service robot targets high-risk skyscraper windows and has proven to clean three times faster than traditional window washers without missing a spot.

Ozmo is still operated by humans, resulting in a collaborative relationship that keeps humans out of harm’s way.

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