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Webinar: What is required of AMRs in order to meet current warehouse challenges?

Webinar: What is required of AMRs in order to meet current warehouse challenges?

Intralogistics and warehouses are facing huge demand pressures and are turning to automation.

For most operators, the most feasible approach is to introduce AMRs that work alongside humans in dynamic environments.

This type of implementation presents challenges that are different from the ones faced by previous generations of AGVs and automation equipment.

In this session, we will discuss the unique challenges of current-day, dynamic material handling environments and what is required for AMRs to meet them.

Join us to hear about advanced localization, Dynamic path planning, Traffic and task management at scale, Dynamic environments, Heterogeneous fleet management, optimization approaches, and more.

About the speaker: Limor Schweitzer is the CTO and founder of MOV.AI.

He is a seasoned technologist entrepreneur with a passion to create startups that engage talented teams in transforming ideas into products.

Limor is founder and CTO of MOV.AI. Limor also founded RoboSavvy, a company that distributes & develops robots and parts to make them, and developer of the TugBot AMR.

Limor founded companies in diverse areas such as Telecom Billing, Internet Security and Social Email Templating. He has been granted patents and is a regular speaker at tech events.

Born in the UK, lived in Italy, USA, Israel and currently in Portugal. Studied Physics.


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