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Top 10 Recruitment Software: CV Parsing 2022

Recruitment tools have changed the face of external recruitment. The reason they are so useful is that they help to simplify many of the basic tasks associated with a job hunt.

Perhaps you have heard of recruitment software, but you are not exactly sure what it does or how it works.

If you are still struggling to get the best software for your CV parsing needs, you have probably done your research and ended up with a few names.

It might be time to look at our resume parsing technology and check if it meets your requirements. It can do the CV parsing for you and do the market research.

In this post, we will have a look over some top recruiting software products to parse resumes on the market today and explain how they can make your job search easier and more efficient.

10 Top Recruiting Software Products

Recruitment software helps businesses to find the best talents. It’s hard to find the right person for your job opening, but with the CV parsing tools listed below, you will get the best recruits ever.

1. Affinda

Affindia is an advanced tool for resume parsing among the large number of candidates. Its integrated API is available at affordable rates. With the recruitment software cv parsing, you will access a full suite of research, extraction, and automation features. It extracts important information from a resume or a CV that is suitable for the definite job profile.

2. Manatal

Manatal is a recruitment software that helps professionals in content management, marketing, sales, and other functions to find the best talents through its artificial intelligence CV parsing algorithm. Over 100 global enterprises use its core ATS tools, automated professional profiling, and scoring.

3. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a recruitment software that helps human resources professionals to identify and screen the right candidates, develop and manage their hiring process and take advantage of the best candidate matching capabilities. Its visual drag and drop interface makes it easy to handle massive recruiter data. Breezy HR also features a flexible and automated booking calendar, allowing users to book and manage meetings easily. Its innovative algorithm takes the guesswork out of scheduling meetings, reducing the percentage of unsuccessful meetings booked by the candidates.

4. DaXtra Parser

DaXtra Parser helps customize your recruitment process based on your data. It refines the hiring process by automatically matching the candidate’s talent with your company.

5. is a recruitment software that helps organizations easily match the right people with the right jobs, helping organizations identify their highest potential candidates and get immediate access to them through its automated hiring technology. In addition, it tracks the right talent pipeline to the right culture, making hiring a strategic advantage.

6. SmartRecruiters

Smart recruiters is a resume parsing software suitable for all business types regardless of their size. It provides a complete hiring solution package to help recruiters and HR managers screen, attract and select the best talent. The software is designed to track the candidates’ resumes interested in the job or are likely to interest prospective employers.

7. Jobvite

Jobvite is a recruitment software that provides many job-seeking and employer services to help companies attract and select the best candidates and hiring managers source, screen, engage and hire the right talent. The streamlined recruitment process of Jobvite supports the entire recruitment lifecycle for both companies and candidates.

8. PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent is a cloud-based resume parsing solution that helps recruiters, HR, and managers to find, focus on and hire the right talent. The applicant tracking system of Peoplefluent helps recruiters research candidate information, get a complete view of their background, and quickly review candidates that match their needs.

9. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is best at the ATS and CRM system. Its recruitment solution helps companies find, prioritize and hire the right candidates. It allows recruiters to easily and accurately search and analyze candidate information.

10. iCIMS

iCIMS provides a complete solution for your business operations allowing management to have efficient control over employee data, hiring, and onboarding. iCIMS has enterprise-level functionality and robust reporting tools to help any business make well-informed decisions.

Benefits of Using Resume Parsing Technology

The recruitment software parses the CV to produce a list of possible applicants and their data. It helps the recruiters in the following ways:

  1. More Efficiency And Accuracy In Recruiting: You can precisely determine the requirements for your job and use software to search for suitable candidates.
  2. Efficient Interviewing: You can eliminate many candidates that do not have the specific skills required by your job requirements in the most efficient manner.
  3. Sourcing: Software used to search the internet for suitable candidates. They may include the search results and their final offers.
  4. Navigating Resumes: Software used to keep track of all the applications you have received and what needs to be done with them.

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