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The Impact of Automation on the Job Market

As more and more processes become automated, it can seem like a threat to traditional employment. However, that’s not necessarily the case, and automation can actually improve worker safety, create better jobs, and generally advance society as a whole.

If you are worried that your job is at risk of elimination due to automation, it’s a good idea to create a powerful resume now, that shows how you can still provide value to a company as well as work and grow alongside automation.

Workers Can Complement Automation

Though some are concerned about automation eliminating a large percentage of jobs, that’s not altogether true. Often, automation simply allows workers to level up by performing more advanced, personal, or intuitive roles.

For example, there are still tasks that machines cannot perform in almost all industries and scenarios, which means that workers who can learn and adapt alongside automation will still be useful, relevant, and valuable.

Automation Can Create Better Jobs

On a similar note, automation is often implemented to replace the most dangerous, menial, and/or unpleasant tasks.

While this means that humans will no longer be needed to perform those tasks, automation often actually creates higher-level, safer jobs.

After all, someone will need to develop, maintain, and repair the automation systems.

Additionally, the added efficiency of using automation can increase revenue for companies, allowing them to expand in other ways.

Perhaps they no longer need manual laborers on the factory floor, but they do need more sales professionals, delivery drivers, or other roles filled.

For workers that are flexible and willing to evolve along with automation, this can be a great opportunity to break into a new niche, learn new skills, and earn more money.

Human Connection is Still Important

At the end of the day, human connection is still very important, especially between businesses and customers. If you’ve ever dealt with the frustration of an automated chat bot or phone system, you can easily understand the value of a real personal connection.

Customer-facing roles will likely never be completely eliminated for this exact reason, so if you have strong soft skills and can connect easily with others, you have a powerful advantage in the changing job market.

Not All Industries Are Impacted by Automation

Finally, not all industries are or will be impacted dramatically by automation. For example, healthcare, politics, law enforcement, teaching, and IT are all industries in which it will be very difficult (if not impossible) to completely replace humans with AI or automated systems.

Some industries and tasks simply require the cognition, intuition, and empathy of a human brain rather than an AI system, such as performing surgery, providing counseling, and so forth.

Plus, some of these industries can be benefited by automation without the risk of widespread job elimination.

For example, some of the more tedious aspects of those professions can be offloaded to automated systems, while the human workers are able to focus their skills and abilities on the more interesting and complex aspects of the work.

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