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Universal Robots products: Transforming the industrial landscape

Universal Robots, a Denmark-based manufacturer of industrial robots, is widely known for the production of collaborative robots – cobots.

The company – which has already transformed the industrial landscape – is aiming to reach industries of all sizes so as to enable them reach their maximum production.

Cobots are flexible, lightweight robot arms that are built to suit the needs of a company that are otherwise harzadous, bulky or too dense for humans. They are designed for human interaction and therefore work together with humans.

Universal Robots manufactures six-axis collaborative robots which are divided into a maximum of four types of cobots which are:

  • The UR3e
  • The UR5e
  • The UR10e
  • The UR16e

Types of cobots produced by Universal Robots

The UR3e

The Universal Robots UR3e cobots are ideal for table-top activities. They are small in size and light in weight, making them suitable for light assembly tasks and automated table or bench work scenarios. This quality makes them known as the table-top cobots.

Features of the UR3e

  • The compact UR3e cobot weighs only 24.3 lbs, which is equivalent to 11 kilograms.
  • It has a payload of 6.6 lbs, equivalent to 3 kilograms.
  • It also helps a great deal that this equipment covers a wide area of more or less 360-degree rotation on all wrist joints. This quality enhances its performance in that a lot of work can be achieved by just one arm rotation. The end joint also offers an infinite rotation.

The UR3e is a great deal for companies that work with little spaces or that manufacture products that are compact and space limiting. Its small footprint makes it suitable for table tops. There is also a possibility of building it directly into machinery, making it suitable for light assembly and screwdriving duties.

The UR5e

The UR5e is more futuristic and is designed to increase capability according to the demands of a company’s production. It is equipped with the ability to allow and manage improvements to suit the needs of production. This feature makes it more appealing to industries that are aiming for the top of the ladder in competition with others.

Features of the UR5e

  • UR5e has a payload of 11 lbs, which is equal to 11 kilograms.
  • It covers a wide reach of 850mm and
  • weighs 45.4 lbs, which is 20.6 kilograms.

This cobot is not only built with the future in mind but also comes with a number of possibilities such as intuitive programming and versatility. The UR5e is a powerful tool that also comes with an endless range of transformations that enable it to align with any production no matter the industry, size of company or the nature of production.

The cobot is also delivered with an OEM robot system. This simply means that the cobot can combine its reliable robot arms with a lightweight, small and powered control box. The robot is also equipped with a 3-position Teach pendant.

The UR10e

This the the best-selling cobot from Universal Robots. Its performance exceeds the latter cobots and, therefore, simply means more productivity and more power. It delivers a whopping 25 percent more payload – lifting up to 12.5 kilograms.

Features of the UR10e

  • It has a payload of 27.55 lbs, equivalent to 12.5 kilograms.
  • It weighs 73.9 lbs, equivalent to 33.5 kilograms.
  • Covers a wide reach of 51.2 ins, which is 1300 mm.

The UR10e is possibly the best UR cobot. Its features makes it well suited for a wide range of industrial activities such as packaging, machine tending and palletizing.

Like the UR5e, the UR10e is also designed as an OEM robot system and with a 3-Position Enabling Reach Pendant. This cobot is very suitable for industries that involve a wide distance of activity and production.

The UR16e

The UR16e is designed for heavy duty activities like packaging, material removal, material handling, machine tending and screw and nut driving applications. This collaborative robot has an extensive utility range and is able to lift multiple machine parts in one go.

Features of the UR16e

  • The cobot handles an impressive payload of 35.3 lbs, equivalent to 16 kilograms.
  • It weighs 73 lbs, which is equivalent to 33.1 kilograms.
  • It has a wide reach rotation of 900mm or 35.4 ins.

The UR16e is also delivered as an OEM robot system and comes with a 3-Position Teach Pendant.

Advantages of the Universal Robots cobots

With their standardized and customized features, the cobots are suited for different types of work environments and work loads. They also have more shared advantages as described below:

  1. The cobots are suited for more than 150 applications across different industries of all sizes and of all manner of production processes.
  2. The cobots are financially flexible and pocket friendly. Their implementation costs much lesser than traditional industrial robots.
  3. Since the cobots involve interaction with humans, they create employment opportunities for humans rather than deny them.
  4. The cobots are human-friendly since they do not cause any harm or side effects.
  5. Installing industrial robots take a long time before they begin work. Cobots, however, can be installed in a short spam of an hour, thereby saving time of production. This makes them flexible and also available as temporary employees for hire.
  6. They are quickly programmed. They have a user-friendly software and mobile applications. They are also capable of flexibility and can learn new commands.
  7. They are more efficient than humans.

Continuing to improve

Cobots from the Universal Robots are an important feature of the factory of the future. More industries are beginning and continuing to improve their overall productivity with the use of cobots.

Their popularity is on the rise and with their accommodating nature, they make it suitable to be used in every aspect of manufacturing and production.

The flexibility of cobots makes them easier to use in different companies, no matter the size or the amount of production, and this makes it even more useful. The world is progressing day by day and cobots are aiding with that in the most valuable way.

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