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Festo unveils extended version of robotic systems design software

Festo has unveiled an extended version of its robotic systems design software, saying it enables the design of Cartesian robots “in minutes”.

Festo’s Handling Guide Online (HGO) now includes 3D cantilever systems in addition to linear, planar surface and 3D handling systems.

The company says these improvements mean that design engineers can now plan “extremely compact or extremely dynamic Cartesian robots in a matter of minutes” using the HGO’s intuitive configuration and ordering software.

They can also benefit from the complete documentation package, including circuit diagram service from Eplan and commissioning files.

The Handling Guide Online is free to use and has been developed by Festo to enable design engineers to create ready-to-install handling systems in record time, whether they are 2D or 3D gantries and now 3D cantilever systems.

This smart and intuitive tool can be used to configure and create new system solutions without disrupting the value chain. This has been made possible through the integration of the configuration and ordering platform with Festo’s online product catalogue.

As a result, HGO users are just a few mouse clicks away from the right standard handling system, including CAD model. The individual steps including RFQ (request for quote), layout, quotation and CAD design, which previously may have taken 10 to 15 days, can now be done in “just a few minutes” using the Handling Guide Online.

Festo’s HGO also cuts assembly and delivery times from a typical two months to just a few weeks. New standard products are also shortening set-up, parameterisation and commissioning times.

Machine and system builders are therefore able to “reduce their time to market for integrated handling systems by around 70 percent”.

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