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BlueBotics to showcase ANT navigation with full AGV fleet demo at Modex

Autonomous navigation systems developer BlueBotics, which was recently acquired by ZAPI, is heading to Modex 2022 to showcase a unique multi-brand fleet demo of vehicles driven by its ANT technology.

The company’s booth will feature several different brands of vehicles, spanning automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from across the ANT navigation ecosystem.

This example fleet operation will be the main draw of the company’s show stand. The vehicles will run a small pallet-moving operation, all controlled by one ANT server software project.

The fleet will include: an automated tow tractor with cart, a forked AGV, three BlueBotics mini lite autonomous mobile robots, plus an industrial cleaning robot.

Nicola Tomatis, the CEO of BlueBotics, says: “As our fleet demo at Modex will show, ANT natural feature navigation is not only robust and precise, but it also allows a business to connect the widest possible range of vehicle types and brands together in one robust fleet.

“Today’s global organizations demand a high level of flexibility when building their AGV operations. The wide ecosystem of ANT driven vehicles provides the opportunity for multinationals to work with different local vehicle suppliers in different countries, while still reaping the benefits of deploying one globally-proven standard.”

ANT natural feature navigation by BlueBotics provides accurate, robust, repeatable vehicle performance. There are minimal infrastructure changes required – unlike with vehicles that follow physical lines or use laser triangulation – meaning vehicles are quick to install and operations can be modified easily in the future.

As a business’s site and needs evolve, multiple types and even brands of ANT driven vehicles can be connected in a diverse fleet using ANT server, the company’s advanced mission, and fleet management software.

This software can also interface with a business’s existing WMS, MES, or ERP software, in addition to communicating seamlessly with on-site equipment such as palletizers, automatic doors, and elevators.

Modex 2022 runs from March 28 to 31 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Alongside the company’s multi-brand fleet demo, BlueBotics’ team of autonomous navigation experts will be on hand to answer any questions visitors might have about ANT or ANT driven vehicles.

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