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Carbon Robotics unveils new farm tech that kills weeds by zapping them with a laser

Carbon Robotics, an agricultural robotics company, today unveiled its 2022 LaserWeeder implement, an autonomous, laserweeding pull-behind robot that seamlessly attaches to the back of tractors.

The new LaserWeeder is a precise, organic, and cost-effective weed control solution for large-scale specialty row crops.

In addition to an updated build, the 2022 LaserWeeder features 30 industrial CO2 lasers, more than 3X the lasers in Carbon Robotics’ self-driving Autonomous LaserWeeder, creating an average weeding capacity of two acres per hour.

Growers who use Carbon Robotics’ implements are seeing up to 80 percent savings in weed management costs, with a break-even period of 2-3 years.

Paul Mikesell, Carbon Robotics CEO and founder, says: “We’ve proven the effectiveness of our laserweeding technology and the immense benefits it offers farmers, including healthier crops and soil, decreased herbicide use, and reduced chemical and labor costs.

“To best serve farmers’ needs, we’ve adapted the design of our product, but will still leverage our proven laserweeding technology. Our mission has always been to provide farmers with the most effective tools, and the strong demand for LaserWeeders is evidence we’re helping them solve a serious problem.”

Carbon Robotics worked closely with leading vegetable growers to design the 2022 implement so it integrates effortlessly into existing farming infrastructure while covering more ground and solving problems associated with spraying, hand weeding and mechanical weeding.

As a liftable agricultural implement, the 2022 LaserWeeder offers unique benefits, including:

  • Higher Performance: With 30 lasers spanning three crop rows (roughly 20 feet wide), this model has an average effective weeding capacity of two acres per hour.
  • Flexible Configuration: The robot is fully adjustable for crop row widths ranging from 60 to 84 inches. Adjustments for transitioning between different crops can be made via a touchscreen without leaving the comfort of the cab.
  • Tractor Ready: The LaserWeeder is towed by common row tractors with a three-point hitch.

This 2022 LaserWeeder, like its self-driving 2021 predecessor, features Carbon Robotics’ sophisticated artificial intelligence technology. This system enables the robot to instantly identify, target, and eliminate weeds using thermal energy – while rolling.

Carbon Robotics’ patented lighting system enables the LaserWeeder to operate day or night in virtually all weather conditions, with millimeter accuracy.

Jeff Morrison, director of innovation and new technology at Grimmway Farms, says: “Grimmway Farms is dedicated to protecting natural resources and the environment while optimizing crop yield and soil health.

“We are constantly improving our processes and evaluating new equipment to support our commitment to this mission. When we learned of Carbon Robotics’ laserweeding technology, we were eager to deploy it on our farms.

“This revolutionary approach to weeding has the potential to deliver precision, reliability and cost-effectiveness in organic weeding that has not previously been available, making it an ideal solution to weed management.”

Farmers have long relied on traditional weeding methods including, herbicides, mechanical weeding and hand weeding, though each present challenges.

Herbicides can impact the health of the crops, mechanical weeding can damage the plants and hand labor is expensive and challenging to find. Laserweeding is an innovative, reliable and sustainable solution for farmers and has proven to be effective on more than a dozen crops.

Josh Roberts, president and GM of Triangle Farms in Salinas, California, says: “Securing farm labor continues to be increasingly challenging, so we are always looking for ways to automate our processes.

“The LaserWeeder automates one of the most demanding, costly, and time-intensive tasks on the farm: weeding. The implement design is familiar and easy to integrate into daily operations while streamlining weed maintenance, providing consistency that farmers value and rely on to support the growth of our businesses.”

Carbon Robotics’ 2022 LaserWeeder is already sold out, with orders from Grimmway Farms, Carzalia Valley Produce, Mercer Ranches, Taylor Farms, Triangle Farms, Terranova Ranch, Bowles Farming Co, Braga Ranch, Duncan Family Farms and Amigo Farms. The company is currently accepting pre-orders for 2023.

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