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Things to Know About How Automatic Instagram Likes Work and Their Use in Marketing Strategy

Today, a lot of people want to grow their Instagram engagement, and improving stats such as likes is an integral part of growing an online audience.

Is great content important? Yes, followers are going to like things they enjoy watching. But producing great content and getting it in front of Insta users in the first place are two different things.

No matter how amazing your pics are, people can’t like what they never see, and the site’s algorithms work in favor of posts that already have a lot of hearts.

Sound frustrating? It is for a lot of users who are trying to grow their accounts. For this reason, many people choose to use the program to order and secure automatic Instagram likes.

Once you understand how IG’s regular and auto likes really work, it’s easy to see why this is part of an integrated marketing strategy to improve your stats on Insta.

In this article, we will explore some information and tips on how autolikes work and their use in Instagram marketing strategy.

IG Has Multiple Algorithms

Many people want to figure out how to game the “Instagram algorithm.” But there is more than one, and a better goal is understanding the different algorithms and how they work together to decide who sees what in their IG feed.

Instagram Uses Many Factors to Decide What You and Others See

How do these algorithms choose each post users view?

  • In general, Insta is more likely to place content in a feed if the user follows the poster.
  • However, this varies depending on the content and other factors.
  • For example, people using Explore page usually want to see something different or unfamiliar, while those browsing Reels or Stories want to see what their friends are doing.
  • The algorithms also make choices based on things like the time of day people usually browse, whether they’re using a mobile app (most common) or viewing the site on the web, how often they heart a type of content (such as video), whose content users frequently like, etc.

That’s why it can be crucial for your marketing strategy to obtain automatic likes for all your new IG posts and increase a chance to be featured on Explore page. This way your target audience will be able to find it and see what you offer.

When Is the Best Time to Post to Get IG Likes and Autolikes?

So how do you use this information to attract more engagement? Some factors you can’t affect. You can’t change when people use the app or site, but you can look up the best times to post on Instagram and plan accordingly:

  • In general, midday is a good time to post, but you can look at specific times for each day of the week.
  • Bear in mind that some audiences may have different use patterns, so what works for most people may not work for your specific audience.
  • Trying a variety of different times and looking at the IG analytics can help you figure out the best time for you to post.

Resultantly, by calculating the optimal timing and obtaining a certain number of Insta autolikes, you may maximise the effectiveness of your strategy.

Getting More Real IG Engagement Can Be a Catch-22

Another one of Instagram’s algorithms focuses on how popular posts are. Remember that the algorithms have already looked at what a user typically likes, who they follow, etc. IG allows people to follow up to 7,500 people.

Think about how many users you’re following. Do you see posts from all of those people? Would you know if you did?

The fact is that most of us follow hundreds or even thousands of people on the Gram and only regularly see posts from a handful of those.

When the site originally went live in 2010, pictures were simply shown in chronological order. But as the social media network grew in popularity, site administrators soon realized most people were missing the majority of content in their feeds because there was just too much of it!

Then they went to a model of ranking posts based on what each user seems to care about:

  • animal posts,
  • funny videos,
  • posts from their favorite celebrity,
  • posts from their best friend, etc.

But that still leaves too much content for the average user to see everything. So IG’s algorithms also consider post popularity – how many likes does it already have? How many fans does the account have? This also counts.

Unfortunately, both of these stats are difficult to change for a new or small account. If IG favors content that already has a lot of likes, how do you get more of them?

If you have a huge following, such as a celebrity or successful influencer, probably enough people will see your photo or video and like it to get you started.

But what if you’re not a celebrity? What if you have fifty followers and some of them are friends and relatives who don’t even use the app every day? What if your picture only appears in the feeds of a couple of people who always try to help you out by liking your stuff?

That’s nice of them, but unless you have a ton of friends doing this, unfortunately, it’s not going to help much.

What you really need is a major boost of automatic likes for Instagram to help more people see your post when it appears in their feeds so that they can view your new content regularly and like it if they want.

How Do You Get That Boost?

There are a variety of things you can try. Some people have success with contests, particularly those involving live videos. If you decide to do a contest or giveaway, be sure to follow IG’s rules and regulations.

However, even contests can fall flat if you don’t have enough fans seeing and liking your content to get it going. It’s better to wait and run a contest after your follower and like stats have improved by paying for its auto boost.

Another option is to make use of relevant hashtags. IG allows 30 per post, and by using all of them you can improve reach for each picture.

Because the most popular tags have so much competition, you may have better luck with less popular ones or a combination of high- and low-use hashtags.

It’s important to only use relevant hashtags, or people will be too annoyed to like your post. You can make lists of popular hashtags for specific topics, such as:

  • “dogs” or “cats”,
  • “books,”
  • “beauty”,
  • “travel”, etc.

Then copy and paste them into relevant posts, but don’t make use of the same hashtags for every single post.

You can also get a bunch of friends together and ask them to make a concerted effort to go find a particular post and like it shortly after you put it up.

If you can get enough people to go along with this, you can be successful in getting some short-term attention for this particular piece of content.

However, if you’ve ever tried to organize a Zoom meeting, you might know how hard it is to get a group of people to do anything.

Plus you’d still need a lot of people with active IG accounts liking your photo or video. Not everyone has enough friends/family/colleagues.

You may also have this problem if you’re using IG for your business. Ever put out an email asking all your coworkers to like a post on the company feed? How were the results? For many companies, they’re dismal. Only a few people get around to doing it at all.

Additionally, even if you do get some attention for one picture, organizing all the people you know to like something isn’t a long-term strategy for success. Eventually, everyone will get sick of liking your posts all the time.

There is a better way. Users who purchase auto Instagram likes can quickly get hearts on all their new photos without begging friends and family or coordinating schedules.

This option is often helpful for people who have tried everything and are still struggling to reach enough users to improve their liking stats.

Real Autolikes 

Knowing the different steps of Instagram’s content ranking process can help you make better decisions about what, when, and how you post, pay for real IG autolikes and get it organically after that.

Use these tips to improve your marketing strategy if you’re an influencer or aspiring influencer, an artist, writer, or performer, or running a small business account.

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