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Roameo security robot patrolling theme park in US

Roameo, a security robot developed by Robotic Assistance Devices, is patrolling a Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in the United States, according a report on the website, which adds that the company is hoping to persuade the Disney company to introduce it to its massively popular theme parks.

Roameo has attracted a lot of attention from other companies and high-profile clients in recent months, and is currently operating at a number of locations.

In November last year, a Romanian security company called Civitas, one of the largest security companies in the country, ordered one Roameo 2.0 unit, with a further commitment to purchase three more units in the future.

This was RAD’s first Roameo implementation in the European market.

Rene Pasculescu, CEO at Civitas Group, says: “We are very excited to roll out Roameo to our clients and prospects.

“We’ve enjoyed working with RAD since we signed as a dealer late last year, having deployed a few devices. Now that Roameo is available, we should see even greater results.”

That was RAD’s second announced Roameo order in a single week. One Roameo unit has been on a nationwide promotional tour, having helped secure Truist Park in Atlanta for Games 3 and 4 of the World Series in October.

Roameo also completed its successful exhibition at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, having participated at two unique industry conferences last week.

Steve Reinharz, CEO of AITX and RAD, says: “The public launch of Roameo 2.0 has been incredible.

“This order from Civitas, our great dealer in Romania, will open up so many new opportunities for RAD and ROAMEO to gain exposure. Now that Roameo has been released we can expect much more going forward.”

Since then, RAD has sold the first of several expected Roameo units intended for “a major Hollywood studio” whose name cannot be disclosed due to existing non-disclosure agreements.

Reinharz says: “Receiving this order during the first week of Roameo 2.0’s public tour was great. We expect to regularly announce more Roameo orders as we convert LOIs to firm orders and inevitably close more deals with other prestigious clients.”

And so he did – the company has gone on from there to sell another Roameo to a California-based casino operator, a sale which Reinharz calls “phenomenal”.

Of course, Roameo is not the only robot being sold in the security robots market, which is doing quite well, according to some research reports.

Mordor Intelligence estimated the value of the global security robots market to be around $9 billion in 2020, and expected it to reach $19.77 billion by 2026, at an annual growth rate of approximately 14 percent.

Morodor says the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the prospect for the introduction of unmanned technologies in the business of private security and asset protection companies.

Meanwhile, Markets and Markets valued the global security robots market at $1.34 billion in 2015 and expected it to reach $2.37 billion by 2022, growing at 8.56 percent a year.

“Rising geopolitical instabilities and territorial conflicts, and increasing adoption of unmanned solutions by different military and defense forces are the major drivers for the market around the globe,” says Markets and Markets.

Of course, each research company could be sampling different types of security robots and looking at different time frames, which could account for the difference in numbers.

But it’s definitely a positive outlook for security robots like the ones offered by RAD.

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