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Spotify monthly listeners – your career depends on them

Today, it is not difficult for a novice musician to show his work to this world. You write a track, find a music platform and upload it there.

That’s it, your track can now be listened to, added to yourself from any corner of the world.

The only problem is that some artists do not just want to put their music on the Internet, they want to become famous, the darlings of millions of people. In this case, they have a lot of work to do to create their own personal brand.

Now, people are important – not only the music itself, but also its author, his feelings, experiences, his history and the history of the creation of his songs. It is important to go through both sad and funny moments in his life.

To do this, you must definitely show yourself on social networks, publish posts, share your problems and successes with listeners.

The same should be followed when filling out your profile on Spotify, describe your story, create playlists, add links to social networks where listeners can follow you.

Also, the young musician has to work on his own promotion. Unloading a song will not be enough, you need to understand the algorithms, analyze statistics and build a promotion strategy based on this.

For example, Spotify has components like followers, plays, likes, saves, monthly listeners. And this is often where problems arise. Most often they arise with a clause such as Spotify monthly listeners.

This criterion means how many unique accounts have listened to your tracks. It does not matter how many times one account has included this or that composition, it matters that he did it at least once.

Plays, on the other hand, counts every inclusion of a track, regardless of a specific account.

Now, with more knowledge of Spotify statistics, you can analyze your metrics. For example, by comparing monthly listeners and plays, you can see how interested the listeners are in your tracks.

If these indicators differ many times, then on average your tracks are ready to listen many times and re-listen. If the numbers are almost identical, then the listeners are not interested in your song.

Also monthly listeners show you the number of your real fans, as these people actually opened your songs and listened to them. Subscribers only show that you once interested them and they subscribed to you.

Nowadays, they can completely forget about your existence, so monthly listeners are of greater importance here.

As you noticed, knowledge of how a music venue works, knowledge of statistics and the ability to analyze it can help you in building a further vector of development.

And also an understanding of how popular you are, how much fans like you. Therefore, develop, learn to analyze and advance in your field.

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