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Kuka to build smart factory for digital construction company Admares

Industrial automation giant Kuka is to build a smart factory for digital construction company Admares.

The two companies say the project will “revolutionize the construction of buildings”.

Admares is said to be “the world’s leading provider of alternative real estate and pioneering construction methods”. And the company is pursuing the vision of future-oriented smart factories.

Kuka, as an experienced specialist in the field of robotic automation, reinforces the project and will play a key role in its realization.

The new and revolutionary concept will bring a breath of fresh air to the market, drastically increasing the level of automation in the construction industry and cutting construction times by “more than 70 percent” in the process.

Mikael Hedberg, CEO at Admares Group, says: “We are very excited to work together with Kuka, the world’s leading supplier of intelligent automation solutions.

“The know-how of Kuka is crucial while Admares sets up the world’s first automated and robotized factory for mass-producing off-site manufactured smart buildings.”

With the signing of the cooperation agreement, Kuka and Admares are setting an example of upheaval in the construction industry.

As the future general contractor, Kuka will supply the robotic automation systems and production lines for the new Admares smart factories.

Timo Heil, CBDO at Kuka Systems, says: “We believe that Admares has a great vision of housebuilding which will change the industry. And we are proud to be part of it.”

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