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AutoStore unveils new robot for its warehouse automation system

AutoStore, probably the leading provider of robotic automated storage and retrieval systems for warehouses, has launched its R5+ Robot.

The newest addition to the AutoStore Robot fleet will enable warehouses to manage larger items, thanks to the R5+’s ability to handle Bins up to 425 mm, the tallest Bins available in the AutoStore system.

Until now, this has been a premium feature possible only with AutoStore B1 Robot installations. The R5+ is now available for operations globally.

The R5+ will give customers the same confidence and first-class performance that has been proven by the R5 for over a decade – with a significant addition.

AutoStore has now introduced a more economically competitive offer to companies operating in a wider variety of markets, such as footwear, semiconductors, and other similar applications.

The maximum Grid height for AutoStore customers utilizing the R5+ with 425 mm Bins will be slightly higher than a Grid with the R5 using 330 mm Bins, creating a Grid composed of 14 layers of Bins that is around 6,044 mm tall.

Carlos Fernández, chief product officer at AutoStore, says: “Sometimes the simplest solutions make the biggest transformation.

“We continue to innovate to help retailers improve the customer experience they offer. If there is one thing we’ve witnessed over the past two years, it is that the retail landscape, particularly in regard to ecommerce, has evolved to demand precision and speed.

“We’re committed to supporting our customers in becoming even more competitive in high throughput applications.”

The R5+ will continue to provide the fast and reliable service that the AutoStore system is known for, allowing customers to benefit from a solution that is capable of continuous operation.

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