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GreyOrange enhances GreyMatter software for robot management

GreyOrange, a provider of autonomous warehouse solutions, has added a new optimization in its GreyMatter AI software that delivers assisted picking in order fulfillment, supported through the new Ranger Assist robot.

GreyMatter and Ranger Assist dynamically optimize and orchestrate how order fulfillment workers and robots work together.

Enhanced by artificial intelligence, the advanced assisted picking robot enables collaborative picking for faster, more accurate fulfillment, particularly for fast-moving items in e-commerce orders.

Akash Gupta, co-founder and CTO, GreyOrange, says: “In today’s on-demand age, consumers are making the rules – convenience and choice are on their terms. Building trust and loyalty requires order fulfillment that delivers ‘no-excuses’ satisfaction.

“As the most advanced yet easily adaptable assisted picking robot, Ranger Assist works with GreyMatter to help retailers deliver on customer promises with speed, tackling the challenges of rising order volumes, increasingly competitive labor pools, and escalating consumer expectations for immediate and free deliveries.”

Ranger Assist complies with the highest safety standards for autonomous robots, creating better work environments for human associates through safely leveraging automation to reduce operator fatigue and boost productivity.

With the fastest speed of any assisted picking robot available on the market today, Ranger Assist is also highly configurable for many warehouse applications, including storage, multi-operator support and multi-floor operations.

Ranger Assist can also augment an existing fleet of robots or integrate into manual picking operations during peak demand periods, providing both immediate ROI and continuous value.

Ranger Assist is part of GreyOrange’s Certified Ranger Network (CRN), a curated collection of fulfillment robots and other execution agents – whether produced by GreyOrange or others –
that help companies modernize their fulfillment operations for top performance.

Gupta says: “Companies with more diverse fulfillment needs may now choose to combine goods to person and person to goods solutions at the same facility.

“Person to goods robotics can speed fulfillment of fast-moving items stored in smaller forward-pick areas, while goods to person robotics can speed fulfillment for broader sets of SKUs stored throughout a warehouse that would require longer travel times for a person to pick manually.”

GreyMatter is the only AI cloud software-based fulfillment solution designed to deliver progressive performance with every execution cycle.

As advanced AI seamlessly integrates software, smart robots and people – the system instantaneously models the best decisions to drive optimal workflows and execution using adaptive learning.

GreyMatter perpetually considers high-performing outcomes, operational factors, order patterns, and resource availability to make real-time fulfillment decisions.

Gupta adds: “Enhancing GreyMatter’s capabilities and adding Ranger Assist to our portfolio expands options for how companies can modernize their warehousing, distribution and fulfillment operations by optimizing how robots equip workers to meet performance demand.”

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