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GXO pilots customised robotic arm for fashion e-commerce logistics

GXO Logistics, which claims to be the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, has launched an “industry-first” pilot of intelligent automation at its fashion e-commerce warehouse in Tilburg, the Netherlands. 

GXO’s pilot of the Pick-it-Easy Robot station is tailored for one of its key global customers, in collaboration with value chain tech provider Knapp AG.

The pilot is the first application of Knapp’s Pick-it-Easy Robot technology for automated pocket induction in the sector for apparel logistics.

The Pick-it-Easy’s artificial intelligence based vision system recognizes each product and identifies the optimal gripping point and gripping speed, while the arm places items into a pocket conveyor for sorting, grouping and routing to packing stations.

It addresses the unique logistics challenges presented by the apparel industry, given the vast range of product sizes, shapes, textures, weights and packaging.

Sandeep Sakharkar, CIO, GXO, says: “As a leader in logistics innovation, we’re constantly exploring automation that can transform distribution and order fulfilment processes.

“The successful launch of the Tilburg pilot has allowed us to ensure that our customers get the greatest benefit and value from this technology.”

Markus Posch, Knapp product manager for robot systems, says: “The adaptability demonstrated by our Pick-it-Easy Robot is proving up to the challenge of complex e-commerce warehouse environments. We’re excited to build on our milestone collaboration with GXO within the fashion sector.”

After the successful implementation of the first Knapp Pick-it-Easy Robot is complete, GXO plans to expand its use of technology in Tilburg with an additional four robots.

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