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Evocargo to exhibit autonomous logistics vehicle technology at CES

Evocargo will showcase its cutting-edge services in cargo transportation based on their own electric unmanned vehicle in the Vehicle Tech category at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, being held in Las Vegas from January 5-8.

Established in 2019, Evocargo will exhibit its Smart Logistic service based on unmanned all-electric platforms. Evocargo’s EVO.1 vehicle (3.5 tons full weight) will be displayed, featuring a payload capacity of 1.5 tons, power reserve of 155 miles and operating time of 20 hours with 40-minute charging time.

Evocargo’s all-electric/hydrogen autonomous vehicles ensure its customers’ operations are always on time, optimized and precisely coordinated through all process cycles.

With more than 10 EVO.1 vehicles in their fleet and 40 more being manufactured and deployed in 2022, Evocargo’s vehicles are not prototypes, but working machines that have already been commercially implemented in a wide variety of logistics and manufacturing facilities including warehouses, logistic centers and construction.

They intend to operate in closed areas such as railway warehouses, logistic centers, factories, airports and ports.

Evocargo offers customers a full range of services tailored for each customer’s logistics ecosystem. The pilot deployment period takes 4-5 days and the EVO.1 automation rate is up to 100 percent, based on 37 protected inventions and technologies.

Andrey Bolshakov, founder of Evocargo, says: “In 2021, we signed three contracts with facilities for services and executed seven commercial cases. Based on our market research, our partners can decrease their transportation costs by up to 60 percent with the implementation of EVO.1.

“Besides, the new vehicles significantly impact the sustainable economy as the operation of EVO totally excludes environmental pollution. For us, participating at the Consumer Electronics Show also means starting the expansion to the US market in 2022, as we are planning on signing agreements with new business partners during the event and are open to collaboration.”

According to Roland Berger research, autonomous vehicles are expected to see increasing adoption over time. The autonomous vehicle park for light goods handling, which EVO.1 belongs to, is expected to reach approximately 215 thousands by 2030. The market development was modeled for five focus countries, including the US, Germany, Netherlands, France and Italy.

Evocargo established the company’s head office in the United Arab Emirates after debuting EVO.1 at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. The company also won an award at the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport.

More than 175 companies have committed from the transportation and vehicle technology industry for CES 2022, which represents a 12 percent increase from the last show in 2020.

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